How to Insert an Excel Table from an Image

We will add a table from the below image for the methods below.

Downloaded image from Google to insert as Table in Excel

Method 1 – Using an Image Saved in File Explorer


  • Select a cell of the worksheet. Here, we selected cell B4.
  • Go to the Data tab.
  • Expand the From Picture option and choose Picture from File.

Data tab to Insert image

  • Select the desired image from File Explorer and click OK.

Add image from File Explorer

You will find the image opens up with data structure.

Convert image into dataset

  • Click the Insert Data button if there is no need to modify anything.


  • Click on the Review button to check the data.
  • After correction, click Accept.

Review data from an image

  • After reviewing the entire dataset, click Insert Data.

Insert data from the image

  • The dataset is inserted into the worksheet.

Dataset insert to the Excel

  • To convert the dataset into a table, select the whole dataset.
  • Go to the Insert tab and select the Table option.

Insert table in Excel

  • Check My table has headers in the Create Table dialog box.
  • Click OK.

Select range for the table

  • You will find a well-developed table added to your worksheet, like the image you inserted.

Created Table from image in Excel

Note: If you do not get the Picture From option on the toolbar of Excel, you have to use the Data From Picture option.

Alternate way to insert image

Method 2 – Using the Clipboard Option


  • Click the shortcut key Windows + Shift + S to take a screenshot.

Taking screenshot

  • Go to the worksheet and open the Data tab.
  • Choose the Get & Transform Data group and expand the From Picture icon.
  • Select Picture from the Clipboard option.

Adding an image from the clipboard

When we took that screenshot, it was saved on the clipboard. After inserting the clipboard, our dataset will look like below.

Insert image as data in worksheet

  • Review the required items and change them where necessary by selecting the Review option.
  • Click Accept to move forward.

Review every required items

  • Insert the dataset into the worksheet by clicking on the Insert Data option.

Insert the data into worksheet

You will find the dataset inserted into the worksheet.

Data add to the worksheet

  • Select the dataset
  • Go to the Insert tab, and select the Table option.

Insert table

  • Select the range for the table and check the option My table has headers.
  • Click OK.

Select range for the table

You will find the table converted from the screenshot.

converted table from the screenshot in Excel

Things to Remember

  • To extract an Excel table from an image, you have to insert data in data form in Excel.
  • Screenshots are saved on the clipboard. So, when inserting a screenshot, choose the option Picture from Clipboard.
  • To convert downloaded images, choose Method 1.

Download the Practice Workbook

You can download this practice workout below.

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