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Annyca Tabassum holds a BSc degree in Geography and Environment from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. She has a deep passion for Excel. As an Excel & VBA Content Developer for ExcelDemy, she not only provides solutions to complex issues but also demonstrates an enthusiastic mindset and adeptness in managing critical situations with finesse, showcasing his commitment to excellence. Apart from creating Excel tutorials, she is interested in Data Analysis with MS Excel, SPSS, Python Web Scraping, and Report Writing.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


B.Sc. in Geography and Environment, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology


Microsoft Office, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Arc GIS, Erdas Imagine 9.1


  • Technical Content Writing
  • Undergraduate Thesis
    • Hydrologic and Land Cover Change Consequences of Teesta River and Its Socio-Economic Impact Due to Teesta Barrage: A study on Hatibandha Upazila.
  • Postgraduate Thesis
    • An analysis on changing trend relationship between land use/ land cover and land surface temperature around Barapukuria coal mine and thermal power plant, Dinajpur.

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    Thank you for giving your time to read this article. You want to know the formula to calculate the ranks and denote “Fail” if a student is absent in any of the exams. Read the following section for details.
    Assuming the given data is placed in columns B to G, and the student rank will be shown in column H.
    In cell H5, enter the following formula:
    =IF(COUNTIF(C5:F5,"Absent")>0, "Fail",RANK(G5,$G$5:$G$10,0))

    Drag the formula down to apply it to the rest of the cells in column H.


    The overall formula checks if there are any cells with the value “Absent” in range C5:F5. If there exists, it returns “Fail“. Otherwise, it calculates the rank of the value in G5 within the range G5:G10 in ascending order.
    The student’s total score and rank are displayed in column G, and column H respectively. If a student is “Absent” in any of the exams, their rank will be denoted as “Fail.”
    If you have any more queries, please let us know in the comments.

    Annyca Tabassum
    Team ExcelDemy

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