How to Make Slicer Horizontal in Excel

Excel slicer is a vital tool that gives users easy access to data filtering and interaction. Slicers are often shown vertically, although a horizontal arrangement is preferable for better data visualization. This article will walk you through the process of how to make slicer horizontal in Excel, so that you may improve the way your data is presented.

Overview of how to make slicer horizontal in Excel

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What Is Excel Slicer?

Users can filter and alter data in a pivot table, pivot chart, or Excel table using an interactive visual interface called an Excel slicer. It offers a simple and easy method for choosing particular values from a dataset and immediately filtering the related data according to those choices. Slicers are mostly used to condense the data displayed, making it simpler to examine and evaluate particular subsets of data.

When you add a slicer to an Excel spreadsheet, it creates a box or a group of tabs with unique values from one or more chosen data columns. Each value functions as a button or checkbox that you may use to filter the data in the appropriate way.

How to Add Slicer in Excel?

Before editing the slicer, you must have to know the adding process of the slicer in Excel. Your Excel worksheets can benefit from adding slicers to make filtering easier and more aesthetically pleasing. You can insert slicers and smoothly filter your data with a few clicks by following the procedures listed below:

  • Select the entire dataset of range B4:E15 and go to the Insert tab.
  • Choose the Table option from the Insert tab.

Add a table in Excel

  • After clicking on the Table option, you will find the following dialog box where you can customize the range.
  • Our selected range $B$4:$E$15 shows the dialog box. $ is used as the range is static.
  • Check on “My table has headers” and click on OK.

Check range for the table

  • Finally, the Excel table has been developed.

Table has been created in excel

  • Click on any cell of the table and go to Insert >> Filters >> Slicer.

Add slicer in Excel

  • Now you will find the Insert Slicers window with all the header names.
  • Check on the headers that you want to add to the slicer and click on OK.

Select slicer from list

  • The slicer is added to your worksheet.

Display slicer in worksheet

How to Make Slicer Horizontal in Excel: Step by Step Procedures

In Excel, the slicer is added vertically by default. To make your dataset more efficient you can convert the slicer orientation horizontally. You can use the Slicer toolbar to make the slicer horizontal in Excel.

To do so, first, you have to add the slicer by following the process that we mentioned before.


  • Go to the Slicer toolbar, then increase the column number from 1 to 4 from the Columns bar.
  • You will find the change in the slicer below.

Make the slicer horizontal

  • Now you can select any items from the slicer and you will find the result in the table.
  • Here, we have selected Alabama from the State slicer and get all employee information from Alabama state.

Apply the slicer

How to Format Slicer in Excel

You can customize the slicer as per your requirement by using the slicer bar as well.

  • Change the style of the slicer, select the specific slicer and go to the Slicer toolbar >> Quick Style.
  • Select any style from the list and you will find the change in your slicer.

Change slicer style in Excel

  • You can also change the Height and Width of the slicer button and slicer from the Buttons and Size group respectively.

Convert slicer size in Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make a slicer horizontal in Excel for both tables and PivotTables? 

Yes, you can make a slicer horizontal in Excel for both tables and PivotTables. The process remains the same regardless of the data source.

2. What if I have multiple slicers in my worksheet? Can I make them all horizontal?

Yes, you can make multiple slicers horizontal in Excel. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier for each slicer individually.

3. Will changing the orientation of a slicer affect its functionality?

No, changing the orientation of a slicer from vertical to horizontal or vice versa does not affect its functionality. It only alters its visual presentation.

4. Can I save the horizontal slicer as a template for future use?

Unfortunately, Excel does not provide an option to save slicers as templates. You will need to recreate the horizontal slicer in each workbook as needed.

5. Are there any alternative methods to achieve a horizontal slicer effect in Excel?

While changing the orientation is the primary method, you can explore other options like rotating the slicer using Excel’s rotation handles or using third-party add-ins that offer advanced slicer customization features.

Things to Remember

  • Insert the table range carefully.
  • Add slicers as per your requirements.
  • Apply the slicer setting properly.


I believe this article will help you on how to make slicer horizontal in Excel. You can also learn about the slicer and its function. If you have queries, feel free to comment. For further knowledge on Excel, you can visit the ExcelDemy website.

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