How to Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Workbook in Excel

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Conditional Formatting is one of the most used Excel tools. Conditional Formatting allows us to format cells according to our criteria. In this article, we will see several ways to Excel Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Workbook. We have a sample dataset containing Name, Gender, Occupation, and Salary.

Copy Conditional Formatting

In our sample data Gender and Salary columns are conditional formatted. Here, Females are highlighted and Salary above $30000 is highlighted. We will see how to copy this formatting to another workbook, where we have another dataset That looks like the following image.

We will see 3 easy methods to copy this Conditional Formatting in another workbook.

1. Using Format Painter to Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Excel Workbook

Here, we will see use of Format Painter in Excel.


  • First, select the entire data set or the specific column or rows or cells where lies the formatting that you want to copy. Then, click the Format Painter.

Copy Conditional Formatting using format painter

  • After that, go to the Workbook where you want to apply this Conditional Formatting, and all you need to do is drag down to select a range. The formation will be copied.

  • Now, our dataset will look like the following image.

As you can see, the formatting is exactly what we wanted.

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2. Copying Conditional Formatting to Another Workbook by Paste Special Tool

In our second method, we will discuss the use of the Paste Special option to copy Conditional Formatting in Excel.


  • First, select the specific range or cell where our conditional formatting lies. Then Press CTRL+C or copy using the right click of the mouse.

Copy Conditional Formatting paste special

  • Now, go to the worksheet or workbook where our new dataset is and select the entire range in the dataset, and right-click the mouse button.

Copy Conditional Formatting paste formats

  • Form here, click on Paste Special as shown in the above image and a dialog box will pop up.

  • Just select Formats as shown in the above image and click OK.

All the cells are formatted accordingly.

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3. Applying Excel VBA to Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Workbook

At the end of this article, we will see the use of VBA code to copy conditional formatting from one workbook to another. Keep in mind to open both the workbook while applying this method.


  • First, right-click on the sheet and go to View Code.

Copy Conditional Formatting vba

  • After that, copy and paste the VBA code below.

VBA code:

Sub mycopycode()

Workbooks("Copy Conditional Formatting").Worksheets("Sample Data").Activate
Range("C5:C11", "E5:E11").Select

Range("E4:E10", "G4:G10").Select
Range("E4:E10", "G4:G10").PasteSpecial xlPasteFormats

End Sub

Copy Conditional Formatting macros

  • After that, press the F5 or play button to run the code.

That’s it. Our VBA has copied the format to the new workbook.

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Things to Remember

We have to keep a couple of things in mind while doing these methods.

  1. We have to check the Formula in conditional Formatting, whether it is Relative reference or Absolute reference. In case of referencing you may need to change the formula according to your cell after applying Paste Special of Format Painter.
  2. Always keep open the workbooks while copying from one workbook to another.

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These are 3 different methods to Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Workbook in Excel. Based on your preferences, you may choose the best alternative. Please leave them in the comments area if you have any questions or feedback

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