Excel Chart Exercises: 8 Tricky Problems

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In this article, you will get eight tricky Excel chart exercises for practice. To solve all the problems, you should have at least an intermediate level of knowledge in Excel. Moreover, you should know about the UNIQUE and COUNTIF functions, inserting a scroll bar, working with the chart elements, inserting a pie chart, making a line chart, and creating a bar chart. You will need the latest version of Excel (Microsoft 365) to solve all the problems.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link.

Problem Overview

There are eight exercises in this article. To solve the problems, we’ve provided a dataset that has seven columns representing the sales journal of a company. The worked out problems are given in the “Solution” sheet of the Excel file.

Problem Overview of Excel Chart Exercises

  • Exercise 01 Adjust Gridline Color in Excel Charts: Use the Date and Sales columns to create a 3-D Column Chart. Then, show the Primary Major Vertical Gridlines. Finally, set the color of the Primary Major Horizontal Gridlines as Red.
  • Exercise 02 Create a Combo Chart: Your task is to take the Date, Cost, and Sales columns and create a Combo Chart.
  • Exercise 03 Pie Chart by Count of Values: You will create a pie chart by counting the values of the Client column.
  • Exercise 04 Copy Chart in Excel without Linking Data: In this exercise, you will create a line chart using the two columns – Cost and Sales. Following that, you will copy the chart and break the link between the data and the chart.
  • Exercise 05 Change Chart Style: Create a 2D Clustered Bar chart using the data from the Invoice and the Cost column. Then, add Axis Titles, Data Labels and change the Chart Title. Lastly, apply the chart “Style 12”.
  • Exercise 06 Scroll Bar in Chart: In this exercise, you will create a scrollable bar chart in Excel using the Date and Sales column.
  • Exercise 07 Add Secondary Axis to Chart: Your task is to create a line chart using the data from the Cost and Misc. Fees column. Then, plot the Misc. Fees data on to a secondary Axis.

  • Exercise 08 Millions on Data Labels: Firstly, copy the columns named Invoice and Sales. Then, change the format of the Sales column. Finally, insert a chart to show that.

Lastly, this image shows the solution to exercise 3.

Excel Chart Exercises


Thank you for reading this article. By completing these Excel chart exercises, you will learn about various chart procedures. We hope that you have gained knowledge about Excel. You can find more articles similar to this on the ExcelDemy website. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. However, remember that our website implements comment moderation. Therefore, your comment may not be instantly visible. So, have a little bit of patience, and we will solve your query as soon as possible. Keep excelling!

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