How to Create a Pie Chart by Count of Values in Excel (2 Methods)

Dataset Overview

To illustrate the methods, we’ve chosen a dataset with three columns: Company, Product, and Sold (Qty).

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values

Method 1 – Creating a Pie Chart Using Combined Functions

Unique Values:

  • Format the cell range B19:C23.
  • In cell B20, enter the formula:


    • This formula identifies unique values from the selected cell range.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 2

  • Press ENTER.
  • In the cell range C20:C23, enter:


    • This formula counts occurrences of unique values (using absolute cell references).

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 3

  • Press CTRL+ENTER to autofill the formula.

Inserting the Pie Chart:

  • Select the cell range B20:C23.
  • Go to the Insert tab → Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart → choose Pie.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 4

  • Customize the chart by adjusting elements like the legend position and data labels.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 5

  • Select the graph.
  • From the Chart ElementsLegend → select Right. This will move the Legend to the right side of the graph.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 6

  • From the Data Labels → select “More Options…”.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 7

  • The Format Data Labels box will appear on the right side of our Workbook.
  • Select Category Name, and Legend Key from the Label Contains section.
  • Select Outside End from the Label Position section.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 8

  • By doing so, the Pie Chart will look like this.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 9

  • We added a Chart Title, increased font size, and moved the Data Labels a bit to show the Leader Lines.
  • The output represents our first method.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 10

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Method 2 – Creating a Pie Chart Using PivotTable

PivotTable Approach:

  • Select the cell range C4:D17.
  • From the Insert tab, choose PivotTable.
  • Specify Existing Worksheet and cell B19 as the output location.
  • Press OK.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 11

  • It brings a blank PivotTable.

Excel Pie Chart Count of Values 12

  • Drag the Product field to Rows and Values in the PivotTable Fields window.
  • The PivotTable displays unique values and their counts.

PivotTable Fields

  • Creating the Pie Chart:
    • Select the PivotTable.
    • From the PivotTable Analyze tab, choose PivotChart.


  • In the Insert Chart window, select Pie and confirm.

Pie Chart Insert

Basic Pie Chart

  • The resulting basic Pie Chart shows value counts.

Final Output of Method 2

  • Customize the chart as needed.

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Practice Section

We have added a practice dataset for each method in the Excel file.

Practice Dataset

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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