How to fix a non-working CTRL+F in Excel: 5 Solutions

Below is a dataset representing the 5 best-nominated movies in the Best Picture category for the 2022 Oscar Awards.

Solution 1 –  Set ‘Option’ to Look in Values 


  • Choose the Values or Formulas options and press Find Next.

Set Option to Look in Values to Fix CTRL+F Not Working Problem in Excel

You will see Excel has found the value in the sheet with a green rectangle in the cell.

Solution 2 – Unselect Multiple Cells 


  • Don’t select multiple cells before finding values.
  • Select none or Select one cell.

Then it will work properly.

Solution 3 – Unmark ‘Match Entire Cell Contents’


  • Unmark ‘Match Entire Cell Contents’.

Excel will be able to find any part from the value of a cell.

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Solution 4 – Remove an Extra Space 


  • Remove any extra spaces and apply the CTRL+F command. It will work properly.

Solution 5 – Unprotect the Worksheet


  • Click Home > Cells > Format > Unprotect Sheet.

  • Enter the password and press OK.

You will be able to use the CTRL+F command.

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