How to Calculate Mileage in Excel (Step-by-Step Guide)

Determining mileage is crucial when comparing the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles. With this in mind, this article wishes to guide you on how to calculate mileage in Excel.

What Is Mileage?

Before going into the details, let’s dwell a little upon what is mileage? In short, mileage is the number of miles that a vehicle can travel on one gallon of fuel. In fact, mileage is a measure of the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, simply put, the greater the mileage the higher the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Arithmetic Formula to Calculate Mileage

As we have a fair understanding of mileage, let’s get to know the arithmetic formula for calculating mileage.

Mileage = Distance Travelled / Fuel Consumed

Generally speaking, the distance traveled is quoted usually in Miles while the volume of fuel consumed is given in US Gallons.

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel: Simple Steps

Microsoft Excel makes calculating mileage a simple process. So, just follow these steps.

Throughout this article, we’re going to use the dataset shown below. The dataset consists of a mileage log with the Date of the journey, the Distance traveled (in Miles)  between two Cities, and lastly, the volume of Fuel consumed (in US Gallons) to cover the Distance respectively.

Mileage Log

Step 01: Determine Mileage

  • At the very beginning, insert an additional column for Mileage.
  • Then, type in the ROUNDUP function to round up the result to one decimal place.
  • Next, enter the expression provided below.


In this expression, the E5 cell refers to the Distance (number argument) in miles while the F5 cell indicates the Fuel in US gallons (number argument). In contrast, the value of 1 refers to the num_digits argument which rounds the result to the nearest 1 decimal place.

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel

Step: 02 Use Fill Handle to Complete the Table

  • Secondly, use the Fill Handle to copy the formula and fill up the table.
  • In this case, the Mileage values are shown in the G5:G13 cells.

Using Fill Handle

  • Finally, this concludes the calculation of Mileage, and the results are shown below.

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel

Calculating Best Mileage in Excel

Now, if you’re wondering is there any shortcut to finding the best mileage result? Then the answer is a resounding yes, let’s see it in action.

As we’ve discussed earlier, a bigger value of mileage is more desirable. Fortunately, Excel has the MAX function to determine the largest value from a selected range.


In this formula, the G5:G13 cells represent the Mileage (number1 argument).

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel

Computing Average Mileage

In a similar fashion, we can also determine the Average Mileage from the range using the SUM function as shown in the formula below. This article also covers the calculation of Average MPG, which you may explore if you want.

=SUM(E5:E13) / SUM(F5:F13)

In the above expression, the E5:E13 cells refer to the array range of the Distances while F5:F13 cells represent the range of Fuel.

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel

Determining Worst Mileage

By now you’ve probably figured out that Excel has a function to calculate the minimum value in the selected range. In fact, you’re correct, Excel’s MIN function does just that. So, just follow along.


In this formula, the G5:G13 cells represent the Mileage (number1 argument).

How to Calculate Mileage in Excel

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from the link below.


To conclude, I hope you found in this article what you were looking for. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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