Calculate Grade Using IF function in Excel (with Easy Steps)

In Microsoft Excel, the IF function is basically used when you need output according to conditions. For calculating grades, there is no inbuilt formula in excel. Using the IF function we can easily calculate the grade whatever the conditions are. Today I am going to share with you how to calculate grade using IF function in excel.

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4 Simple Steps to Calculate Grade Using IF Function in Excel

In the following article, I have explained 4 simple steps to calculate grade using IF function in excel.

Step 1: Create Dataset with Appropriate Information

  • First, let’s start with creating a dataset. Suppose we have a list of Student Names in our workbook.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

  • To begin with, we will add scored numbers in different subjects for those students.

  • Now, we will add the condition of their grade according to scored number.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

  • In summary, we will add 3 columns where we will calculate the “Total Marks”, “Percentage”, and “Grade Achieved”. Finally, our dataset is complete.

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Step 2: Calculate Total Marks

  • Above all, in this step, we will sum up the total marks for each student.
  • In order to do so choose a cell (G5) and apply the following formula-


  • The SUM function returns the total sum value within a given string.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

  • Hence, press Enter to get the output.

  • After that, drag the “fill handle” down to fill all the cells.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

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Step 3: Calculate Percentage from Total Marks

  • Similarly, we will calculate the “Percentage” in a different column.
  • Just choose a cell to apply the formula. Here I have selected cell (H5).
  • Write the formula down-


  • In this formula, we have divided the total marks by “400” because for four subjects the total mark is 400.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

  • Now, hit the Enter button to continue.

  • Therefore, drag the “fill handle” down to get the percentage scored by all students.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

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Step 4: Apply IF Function to Calculate Grade

  • Above all, it’s time to determine the “Achieved Grade”.
  • To do so choose a cell (I5) to write the formula down.
  • Put the formula in the chosen cell-


  • The IF function is used to check if the given condition is met and after that, the defined output will be displayed according to the condition.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

  • Similarly, press Enter and pull the “fill handle” down to fill the cells with the given condition.

  • In conclusion, we have successfully calculated grades using the IF function in excel.

Calculate Grade Using IF function

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Things to Remember

  • While applying the formula you must end the formula with many brackets-() as there are many conditions put inside the cell.


In this article, I have tried to cover all the steps to calculate grade using IF function in excel. Take a tour of the practice workbook and download the file to practice by yourself. I hope you find it helpful. Please inform us in the comment section about your experience. We, the Exceldemy team, are always responsive to your queries. Stay tuned and keep learning.

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