How to Autofill a Column in Excel (7 Easy Ways)

Entering the same data multiple times is monotonous. It also consumes a lot of time. Excel offers smart features to autofill a column without retyping the same data. In this article, I’ll show you seven easy ways to autofill a column in Excel.

Let’s say, we have a dataset where multiple entries are missing. Now we will see how these empty cells can be filled up automatically.


How to Autofill a Column in Excel: 7 Easy Ways

1. Autofill a Column in Excel Using Fill Handle

Fill Handle allows you to fill up all the empty cells with the data of the first cell. First, put your cursor in the bottom right corner of the first cell. After that, the cursors will turn into a small plus sign.

Autofill column

Now press double left-click on your mouse. You will see all the cells in the column will be filled automatically.

autofilled column

2. Keyboard Command to Autofill a column

With a keyboard command, you can also use the Autofill feature to fill up a column. First, select the filled column and drag it to the end of your dataset.

selecting cells

After that, press CTRL+D and the column will be filled with the first cell’s data.

autofill column

3. Autofill Non-Adjacent Cell

To Autofill non-adjacent cells, first press CTRL and select the cells.

selecting cells

Type the data you want to enter in your last selected cells.

Data Entry

At last, press CTRL+ ENTER. All the cells will be filled with the data you have entered in the last cell.

autofill column

4. Autofill a Column with the Same Data

To Autofill a column with the same data, first, enter the data in the first cell.

cell selection

After that, select the cell by keeping your mouse in the bottom right corner of the cell and drag the cell to the end of your dataset. You will see all the cells will be filled with the same data.

autofill column

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5. Autofill a Column with a Series

You can also fill a column with a series using Autofill options. After filling the column with the same data by using the previously described method, click on the Auto Fill options which you will see at the end of your filled data. A dropdown menu will appear and select Fill Series from the dropdown menu.

autofill options

The column will be auto-filled with the most appropriate series.

autofill column

6. Autofill a Column in Excel using Flash Fill

Using Flash Fill is another technique to autofill a column. First, select the first cell which has the data by which you want to autofill the column.

cell selection

Now go to Data > Data Tools and select Flash Fill.

Flash Fill

You will see, that the column is filled automatically.

autofill column

7. Autofill Column with Formula

You can also autofill a column with a formula. First, you need to create a formula. Then, Enter the formula in the first cell.

Entering Formula

After pressing Enter, you will see the value that is found by applying the formula in that cell.

value from formula

Now press the bottom right corner of the cell and drag it to the end of your dataset. All the cells will be auto-filled with the formula.

autofill column

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Autofill features in Excel save a lot of time by automatically filling the column with relevant data. I hope after going through the article you now have a clear idea about the methods of auto filling columns in Excel. If you have any confusion, feel free to leave a comment.

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