How to Use Autofill Formula in Excel (6 Effective Ways)


For these methods, we’ll use a sample dataset overview as an example in Excel to make it easy to understand. For instance, in the given worksheet, some “Items” are given in column B, and their “Unit Price” is available in column C, “Qty” in column D, and “Discount” in column EIf you follow the steps correctly, you should learn how to use the Autofill formula in Excel on your own.

Dataset to Use Excel Autofill Formula

Method 1 – Use the FILL Command for Excel Autofill Formula

  • Highlight cell F5, and enter the following formula:

  • Press Enter to get the result.

Inseritng Formula to Use Excel Autofill Formula

  • Select the entire column “Total Price” and select the “Fill” option.
  • Click the “Down” option.

Using Fill Command to Use Excel Autofill Formula

  • You should now see the results for all cells in the “Total Price” column.

Final Result to Use Excel Autofill Formula

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Method 2 – Use the FILL HANDLE Option for Excel Autofill Formula

Double-Clicking the Autofill Handle Icon

  • Insert the same formula into F5 that you used in the first method.
  • Move your cursor to the bottom right corner of the formula cell to see the plus iconicon 1.

Double Click to Use Excel Autofill Formula

  • Double-click on the plus icon to get you result.

Result to Use Excel Autofill Formula

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Dragging the Autofill Handle Icon

  • Enter the formula you used in the first method into the F5 cell.
  • Move your mouse to get the plus icon.
  • Press the icon and drag it all the way to the end cell of your column.

Fill Handle to Use Excel Autofill Formula

Result to Use Excel Autofill Formula


Method 3 – Use the Keyboard Shortcut for Excel Autofill Formula

  • Paste the formula from the first method into the F5 cell.
  • Select the formula cell and press the “SHIFT+Down Arrow Key ()” key.

Selecting Cells to Use Excel Autofill Formula

  • Press “CTRL+D” or “CTRL+ENTER” to apply the formula to all the selected cells.

Keyboard Shortcut to Use Excel Autofill Formula

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Method 4 – Use the Array Formula for Excel Autofilling

  • Insert the following formula into the F5 cell:


  • Press the Enter button to apply this formula and see the results.

Method 5 – Create a Table to Autofill Formulas

  • Select the data range from your table.
  • Go to “Insert” and choose the “Table” option.

  • A new window appears named Create Table. Select the data range in the window and press OK.

  • Insert the same formula in cell F5 that you used in the first method.

  • Press Enter to apply the condition and receive the below result:

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Method 6 – Copy-Paste the Cell to Autofill

  • Copy the formula cell by pressing “CTRL+C”, and select the cells where you want to paste it.

  • Press “CTRL+V” to apply or use the mouse to paste the formula.

Download Practice Workbook

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