How to Determine If a Number Is Even in Excel (4 Suitable Ways)

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Microsoft Excel is a helpful program that lives up to its name. With Excel’s tools and functions, we can do an almost endless number of things with a dataset. There are several ways to show even numbers in Excel, and this post will cover four of the most common and easy ones. So, use these four suitable ways to determine If a number is Even in Excel.

Determine If a Number Is Even in Excel: 4 Suitable Ways

To provide a demonstration, let’s investigate a sample dataset. For instance, the following dataset has two columns titled Number and Even. The Name column contains some numeric values. In contrast, the other column will indicate whether the number is Even or not. We will use the four methods to find the Even numbers in Excel. In addition, I have yet to say that I have been working with the Microsoft Excel 365 version for this post. Nevertheless, you are free to use any other edition that will provide you with the most significant amount of convenience.

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1. Utilize ISEVEN Function to Find Even Number

We can find the ISEVEN function inside the Information Functions section of Excel. The ISEVEN function will produce FALSE if the number is not even, which indicates that the number is odd, and it will respond TRUE if the number is even. Follow these instructions to complete the assignment.


  • First, select the C5 cell.
  • Next, input the following formula in C5.


  • After that, hit the Enter or Tab key.
  • Consequently, we will see the outcome below.

Utilize ISEVEN Function to Find Even Number

  • Presently, we need to apply the same formula for the subsequent cells.
  • To achieve this, hold the Fill Handle icon and move it to C10.
  • As a result, we will find the intended output as follows.

Output of Utilizing ISEVEN Function to Find Even Number

2. Combine IF and MOD Functions to Get Even Entries in Excel

One of Excel’s most used tools, the IF function, determines whether or not a given number is consistent with a predetermined condition. When dividing within Excel, we may use the MOD function to determine the residual value. We may use both functions in this setting to decide which integers are even. Please use these steps to complete the assignment.


  • Insert the following equation into cell C5.


  • Click the Enter or Tab key after that.
  • As a result, the result is displayed below.

Combine IF and MOD Functions to Get Even Entries in Excel

  • We will now use this formula for the following cells.
  • Drag the Fill Handle up to the C10 cell.
  • Finally, it will produce the desired output like the below one.

3. Merge IF and ISODD Functions to Determine Even Numbers

If the value is an odd number, the ISODD function in Excel will return TRUE, and if it’s an even number, it will return FALSE. To get even numbers, we’ll combine the ISODD and IF operations. If you follow these instructions, you should have no trouble finishing the project.


  • Select the C5 cell first.
  • Next, enter the formula below in cell C5:


  • Then, press the Enter or Tab key.
  • Consequently, the result will be displayed below.

Merge IF and ISODD Functions to Determine Even Numbers

  • Currently, we must apply the same formula to succeeding cells.
  • To accomplish this, press and drag the Fill Handle symbol to cell C10.
  • Thus, it will display the desired output.

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4. Run Excel VBA Code to Find a Number If Even

We can develop VBA code for the Determination of Even numbers and execute it. Please follow the instructions below to complete the assignment efficiently.


  • First, navigate to Developer.
  • Second, choose Visual Basic.

Run Excel VBA Code to Find a Number If Even

  • After that, click Insert, followed by Module.

  • Now, type the code below into the module box.
Sub DetermineEvenNumber()
    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=ISEVEN(RC[-1])"
    Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("C5:C10"), Type:=xlFillDefault
End Sub
  • To conclude, press F5 or select the Run icon.

Run Excel VBA Code to Find a Number If Even

  • Thus, it will provide the desired output below.

Output of Running Excel VBA Code to Find a Number If Even

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Download Practice Workbook

You can get a free copy of the sample workbook we used in the lecture by clicking on the link below.


Applying the methods we’ve discussed, you can check If a number is Even in Excel. Keep using them, and let us know if you have other ideas for finishing the project. Remember to use the comment section for questions, feedback, or suggestions.

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