How to Use Excel Objects to Create an Art Portfolio

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If you are looking for the procedures to use Excel objects to create an art portfolio easily, then this article will be helpful for you. So, let’s start with the main article to know the detailed steps of doing this task.

What Does Inserting Objects in Excel Mean?

Inserting objects in Excel means that Excel actually stores these objects (PDF files, Word documents, or images in bitmap format in the actual spreadsheet itself). This can be useful, if you want to create a mini-database to store some of the objects listed above, using Excel. Since the object is actually embedded in the actual spreadsheet and can be opened from there.

How to Use Excel Objects to Create an Art Portfolio: 3 Steps

Suppose, an artist has a portfolio of eight artworks. He usually sends these artworks to galleries, when he applies for exhibition space. Usually, the galleries he applies to, require the name of the artwork, a description of the artwork, the type of art it is (traditional, digital, mixed media), and an image/pdf of the artwork itself.  He has decided to use Excel to create an art portfolio to send to galleries.
He has an Excel Table set up already, as shown below in the picture of the source data. In this example, we are going to embed the artworks as objects in the form of PDF files in the Actual Artwork column.

how to use excel objects to create an art portfolio

We have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version for creating this article. However, you can use any other version at your convenience.

Step-01: Increasing Row Height to Use Excel Objects to Create an Art Portfolio

Firstly, we will increase the row height of the entire table.

increasing row height to use excel objects to create an art portfolio

  • Select the dataset and then go to the Home tab >> Cells group >> Format dropdown >> Row Height.

Afterward, you will get the Row Height wizard.

  • Select the Row height as 45 and press OK.

row height

In this way, the row height of this dataset will be changed like the following figure.

increased row height to use excel objects to create an art portfolio

Step-02: Inserting Excel Objects in Excel

In this step, we will insert the objects in the Actual Artwork column.

inserting excel objects to create an art portfolio

Here, we have all of our PDF files containing art in the Art Collection folder.

pdf files

  • Select cell E4, and then go to the Insert tab >> Text group >> Object.

Later, the Object dialog box will open up.
We are going to select the Create from File tab since our PDF files have already been created.

  • Click on Browse.

browse to use excel objects to create an art portfolio

  • Browse to the folder containing the already made pdf
  • Click on the file name that is related to our first artwork (here, we have selected ForestintheMidst)
  • Press Insert.

Afterward, the file path will be shown in the File name box.

  • Check the option Display as icon.
  • Press OK.

After that, the PDF object icon will appear in cell E4.

  • Adjust the icon to the cell by dragging the indicated symbol.

drag icon

Then, you will have the following adjusted object.

adjusted excel object to create art portfolio

Similarly, enter the artwork objects for the rest of the art in the remaining cells.

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Step-03: Formatting and Opening Created Object of an Art Portfolio in Excel

Here, we will do some formatting and show the way to display the artwork from these objects.

formatting and opening Excel objects for creating art portfolio

If the inserted objects do not fit the cells then you can follow this process.

  • Select the object of cell E4, right-click on it, and then select Format Object from the options.

Later, the Format Object wizard will appear.

  • Click on the option Move and size with cells and then press OK.

format object

In this way, we have fitted the first object in the first cell.

fitted first object

  • Follow the same procedure for the rest of the objects of the rest of the cells.

  • You can either double-click the object to open the PDF containing the artwork, or you can right-click the object, and click on the dropdown symbol of PDF Object.

show Excel object after creating art portfolio

  • Later, choose the Open option among other options.

This opens the artwork in a PDF reader.

After opening the document you can easily view your artwork.


Practice Section

For doing practice, we have added a Practice portion on each sheet on the right portion.

practice section

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In this article, we tried to show the steps to use Excel objects to create an art portfolio. Embedding objects such as Adobe PDF files, Word documents, and PowerPoint files in Excel spreadsheets is a very useful feature. In the above example, there is no need to send the files separately as attachments because all the artworks are already in the Excel file. So, the artist can just send his portfolio by sending only the Excel spreadsheet, which is neatly organized in Table format with columns containing all the needed data.

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