How to Edit a Data Table in Excel (With Easy Steps)

STEP 1 – Make Data Table Ready

  • Create a data table.
  • Insert the data into the data table.
  • We have used the range B4:C6 to insert the company’s information.
  • Create a data table by varying the Growth Per Year information.

how to edit a data table in excel

STEP 2 – Select Data Table Range

  • Select the data table range you want to edit.
  • As we want to edit the information regarding the Growth Rate from 11% to 15%, we will select the range F4:G10.

Select Data Table Range

STEP 3 – Remove Data Table Formula

  • Delete the data table formula from Formula Bar.

Remove Data Table Formula

STEP 4 – Insert Specific Value

  • Enter the desired value.
  • We want to show the value 70000, so we will insert 70000.
  • Press CTRL + ENTER.

Insert Specific Value

STEP 5 – Edit Data Table

  • The entered value will be in all the selected cells.
  • You can customize each cell in the data table to suit your needs.

Edit Data Table

How to Delete Data Table in Excel

When you try to delete any cell from the data table, it will show a warning message, “Can’t change part of a data table”.


  • To delete the data table, select the entire table range.
  • We have selected the range F4:G10.

  • Press Delete on the keyboard to delete the entire data table.

  • Or Right-Click on the selected data table.
  • In the Context Menu, select Delete.

  • In the dialog box, select Shift cells left and click OK.

  • The data table will be deleted.

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