How to Change Font in Excel to All Caps (6 Simple Ways)

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Microsoft Excel is a very useful software. We use Excel functions and features for our educational, business, and other daily life purposes. Furthermore, Excel provides some cool features to delete alternate columns in our workbooks. This article will show you 6 simple ways to Change the Font in Excel to All Caps.

How to Change Font to All Caps in Excel: 6 Simple Ways

Changing fonts to all caps in Excel can be really cumbersome if we consider a large amount of data. In this article, I will show you 6 easy ways to change the font to all caps in Excel. For instance, we take a dataset that represents the yearly sales records of salespersons of a company below.

how to change font in excel to all caps

1. Insert UPPER Function to Change Font to All Caps

In this method, we will use the UPPER function. The UPPER function changes the text fonts to upper case in Excel documents. Let’s follow these procedures.


  • Firstly, add column E and name it Upper Case.
  • Now, in E5, write the following formula:
  • Here, the UPPER function converts C5 texts into upper case.
  • Hit enter and Autofill the other cells by dragging E5 down.

Insert UPPER Function to Change Font to All Caps

  • Hence, the text fonts are in all caps now.

all caps Output of fonts by UPPER Function

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2. Change Font to All Caps Using Shortcut Keys in Excel

If we wish to change fonts to all caps, using keyboard keys is a very easy method. Similarly, like the previous method, we will use the UPPER function here. Although, we will not use the UPPER formula. Rather, we will try to use keyboard shortcuts in this method. Let’s follow these procedures:


  • First, select column C to change the text fonts of this column.
  • Next, press Shift+F3 on your keyboard.

Change Font to All Caps Using Shortcut Keys in Excel

  • As a result, an Insert Function dialogue box will pop up.
  • Here, click on the UPPER function and hit OK.

  • Subsequently, another dialogue box will open.
  • Next, select the desired range in your dataset and tap OK.

  • Finally, all caps will appear in the fonts.

Output of excel font in caps by Shortcut Keys

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3. Format Font Case with Flash Fill Tool

Using the Flash Fill tool is the fastest way to format font cases. The tool predicts your data format as soon as you type your data and generates a similar format to the remaining data. We can simply accept the tool’s data format presumed results and thus we obtain the required format. Follow these procedures to use this tool.


  • To illustrate go to the same corresponding rows of the given column.
  • In E5, type the text in your desired upper-case format.
  • Since, the first row in column E, the text format is upper case, Flash Fill will predict the text format of the whole column in uppercase.
  • Now, type Ctrl+E to accept the predictions.

Format Font Case with Flash Fill Tool

  • As a result, we get the fonts in our desired formats.

  • Moreover, we can call the Flash fill tool in our dataset in other ways.
  • For instance, we can go to Home > Editing > Fill.

  • Eventually, a dropbox will appear.
  • Later, select Flash Fill to call the feature.

  • In this way, we can obtain our results.

Output of Flash Fill Tool in all caps font

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4. Use Excel Power Query Editor to Convert Fonts

In this method, we use the Power Query Editor tool. Excel uses this tool for data transformation. Hence, we can use this tool to format our texts in all caps. Let’s see the procedure.


  • Select column C to begin with.

Use Excel Power Query Editor to Convert Fonts

  • Then, go to the Data tab and click From Table/Range menu from the ribbon bar.

  • Consequently, a Create Table dialogue box will pop up.
  • Now, input your cell range in the box. You can just select your range also.
  • Check My table has headers if you have any headers in your dataset and hit OK.

  • As a result, a new workbook will appear.
  • Next, go to Add Column > Format > UPPERCASE.

  • Lastly, you get your all-caps format.

font in all caps output by Excel Power Query Editor

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5. Change Font to All Caps Through Excel VBA

We can change fonts to all caps using Excel VBA code. Also, you can change font size of the whole sheet. For the demonstration, we will use a simple VBA code. You can copy the code from below and practice it yourself. In this case, we will use the Excel VBA macro to change the text into uppercase only. Follow these steps.


  • First, select the dataset you wish to format.

Change Font to All Caps Through Excel VBA

  • Next, go to the Developer tab and click the Visual Basic window.

  • Eventually, a new window will appear.
  • Now, go to Insert and press Module.

  • Subsequently, a module box will appear. In this box, write the following code:
Sub AllCaps()
  For Each Cell In Selection
      If Not Cell.HasFormula Then
          Cell.Value = UCase(Cell.Value)
      End If
  Next Cell
End Sub
  • Later, tap Run.

  • Finally, the fonts are formatted in all caps.

Excel VBA output of fonts in all caps

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6. Use All Caps Font Style in Excel

For this method, we will use Cell Styles. This feature applies all caps to a selected cell. To apply Styles to your texts, learn this procedure.


  • Go to the Home tab and click Cell Styles.
  • Now, right-click on Heading 1.

Use All Caps Font Style in Excel

  • Consequently, a context menu bar opens up.
  • Here, tap Modify.

  • As a result, a Style dropbox will appear.
  • Press Format.

  • Subsequently, a Format Cells dropbox appears. Now, click Font.
  • In the font options, choose Bebas Neue as your font. Also, select Bold and 11 as Font Style and Size respectively.
  • Hit OK.

  • Therefore, the desired result appears.

Output of Font Styles

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Download Practice Workbook

You can download this workbook to practice yourself.


In conclusion, we have discussed here some easy ways to change the font in Excel to all caps. Please leave any further thoughts, queries, or recommendations in the comment box below.

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