How to Print All Sheets in Excel (3 Methods)

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We often need to print worksheets in excel. But printing worksheets one at a time is always annoying. Fortunately, Excel has options to print all sheets in one go. This article shows 3 ways how to print all sheets in excel. Printing all or multiple sheets with different specific areas has also been discussed here. The following picture gives an idea about the purpose of this article.

Print All Worksheets Altogether in Excel

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3 Ways to Print All Sheets in Excel

Now, I am going to show you the 3 easiest ways how to print all sheets in excel. Let’s start!

1. Print All Sheets by Selecting the Sheets

You can print all your worksheets at one go by selecting all the sheets before printing. Let me walk you through the steps to do that.


1. Right-click on any worksheet tab and choose Select all sheets.

select all sheets to print

2. You can also select all the sheets by holding CTRL and then selecting all the worksheet tabs.

3. There is another alternate way to select all the sheets. First, select the first worksheet tab. Hold the SHIFT key and then select the last worksheet tab.

4. Now if you want to print the same range of cells from all sheets, then select the desired range in any worksheet as follows before starting printing. Otherwise, go to step 6.

select area to print from all sheets

5. Make sure that those cell ranges in all worksheets are merged in the same way.

6. Choose the Print Selection option.

7. Now, press CTRL+P to open the printing options. You can also do that from File >> Print.

8. Make sure the Print Active Sheets option is selected. You may also change other settings according to your requirement. Then click on Print.

9. Finally, all of the worksheets will start to print.

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2. Print All Sheets Using the Print Settings

You can also print the entire workbook by changing the print settings. Follow the steps to do that.


1. First, go to File >> Print (CTRL+P).

2. Then select the Print Entire Workbook option.

3. After that, check the print preview in the print window if everything looks ok.

4. Finally, click on the Print icon.

print all sheets at one go from print settings

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3. Print All Sheets with Specific Print Areas

If you want to print all sheets with different specific print areas, then you need to set the print areas first. You can do that by following the steps below.


1. First, select the print area that you want to print in any worksheet.

2. Then go to Page Layout >> Print Area >> Set Print Area.

set print area to print all sheets with different specific areas

3. You need to do this in all other worksheets.

4. Now you can press CTRL+P and then click on the Print icon to start printing.

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Things to Remember

  • Be careful to choose the right options in the print settings. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired results.
  • Always observe the print preview in the print window to verify whether it meets your requirements.


Now you know how to print all sheets in excel. This will also help you to print multiple worksheets in excel. For further queries and suggestions, please use the comment section below. Stay with us and keep learning.

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