Excel Practice Exercises PDF with Answers

To solve the following exercises, you will need to know about the SUM, AVERAGE, IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, ROUNDUP, UNIQUE, COUNTIF, LEFT, SEARCH, MID, RIGHT, LEN, FIND, SUBSTITUTE, AND, and SUMIF functions and the Data Bars feature of Excel. You can use Excel 2010 or later, except for the UNIQUE function, which is only available in Excel 2021.

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Problem Overview

Here is a snapshot of the first two problems. The solutions to all problems are given in a separate sheet.

  • Exercise 01 – Class Performance Evaluation. You will find these values –
    • The total number for each student,
    • Their average on those subjects,
    • Based on the average score, you will return a GPA. For GPA calculation, less than 60 is B and higher is A.
  • Exercise 02 – Lookup Values (Left to Right).
    • You need to find the employee salary in the lookup table on the right side.

  • Exercise 03 – Lookup Values (Any Direction).
    • Here your task is the same as the second task. However, this time the lookup range is on the right side. Therefore, you cannot use the VLOOKUP function here.
  • Exercise 04 – Rounding Values.
    • You will need to round the sales generated values in this exercise.
  • Exercise 05 – Joining Two Strings.
    • You will need to add the first name and last name.
  • Exercise 06 – Conditional Formatting.
    • Your task is to create a Data Bar for the salary values and hide the salary values.
  • Exercise 07 – Counting Unique Values.
    • Firstly, you need to find the unique values in a list of names.
    • Then, you will find how many times that value occurred in that lis
  • Exercise 08 – Extract First, Middle, and Last Name.
    • You need to separate the three parts of a name from a given list.
  • Exercise 09 – Conditional Summation.
    • You will need to find the total sales for a particular country.
  • Exercise 10 – Data Validation.
    • Your objective is to ensure that users cannot type less than 0 in a column.
  • Exercise 11 – Check If a Date Is Between Two Dates.
    • Your target is to determine whether a date is between two dates or not.

Here is a screenshot of the solutions to the first two problems.

Excel Practice Exercises PDF with Answers

Download the Practice Files

You can download the PDF and Excel files by filling out this form:

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