10 Key Differences Between Google Sheets and Excel

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The most popular spreadsheet programs nowadays are Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. When it comes to computations and formulas, they are very similar. This suggests that many of their characteristics are similar. A spreadsheet is a type of computer program with numerous rows and columns. They were created to tabulate, organize, and analyze data. Moreover, they were initially developed for accounting and bookkeeping operations. However, they are now, however, widely utilized in any situation where a tabular listing is required. We shall contrast Google Sheets with Excel in this article.

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Overview of Microsoft Excel

A powerful spreadsheet tool called MS Excel, also known as Microsoft Excel, is included in the MS Office suite. Excel mostly uses tables made up of numerous rows and columns to hold data. Users can also use built-in formulas or functions on the data that has been stored to produce the required output or result. The formula bar displays the applicable formulae or functions. MS Excel is a useful tool for a variety of data-related jobs and reports, including accounting, creating payslips or paycheck slips, figuring out weekly spending, and many other tasks. Despite this, users may easily apply rules to data that has been filtered and sorted in an interactive manner, making it easy to find any information. Here, you can see the interface of MS Excel Worksheet in the picture given below.

Difference between google sheet and Excel

Overview of Google Sheets

Another well-known spreadsheet tool created by Google is called Google Sheets. But this specific program differs somewhat from MS Excel. The data is saved on the cloud, such as Google drive, by the Google sheets, which function in the browser like a standard web page. Similar to MS Excel, Google Sheets enables users to store data in tables and carry out numerous actions involving data sets. At this time, working with huge amounts of data or completing sophisticated activities with Google Sheets is not recommended. In comparison to MS Excel, it is very new and lacks a number of sophisticated capabilities. Instead, the program offers several great capabilities, including scripting, cloud support, team collaboration, and more. It is also free. Here, you can find the interface of Google Sheets in the picture given below.

Difference between google sheet and Excel

10 Suitable Examples to Understand the Differences Between Google Sheets and Excel

1. Functionality

For 33 years, Microsoft Excel has been releasing updated versions. As a result, it surpasses Google Sheets by a wide margin. Nevertheless, Google Sheets quickly closed the gap. The functionality of Google Sheets and Excel is currently quite similar. Both of them offer a user-friendly interface, a sizable knowledge base, and useful tools.

However, Excel is a superior option if you want to work with sophisticated functionalities & large amounts of data. Excel now has a cell handling capacity of about 17 billion, compared to Google Sheets’ 5 million. It will experience significantly fewer latency concerns than Google Sheets. This is the ideal option if you want a hassle-free experience with both processing tiny and massive data and capabilities.

2. Collaboration

Excel finds it challenging to match Google Sheets frictionless sharing capabilities. Despite Excel’s efforts to improve the collaboration experience with their services, Google Sheets has amazing alternatives. You have control over who views, modifies, and makes comments on the document. You have two options for sharing the document: either with select people or publicly. Any modifications, changes, and comments are tracked in real-time. You may also see the member’s cell location. By selecting “last edit...” from the toolbar at the top, you may view a history of all changes.

Difference between google sheet and Excel

Excel also enables collaboration and sharing, although not to the same degree. You can get similar access to track edits and actions of the other members if you use Office 365.

3. Functions and Formulas

Compared to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel started out with a bigger advantage. Their database is substantially richer as a result. This offers Excel users two key benefits.

  • Firstly, Excel currently has a sizable number of functions and formulae available. This implies that if you want to do something with a spreadsheet, Excel is likely to have a command for it. However, Google Sheets doesn’t have a lot of these formulas.
  • Secondly, there is a lot more Excel documentation already available. Excel usage has therefore long been the norm in the business world.

Therefore, there are more Excel learning resources available. This is why Excel trumps over Google Sheets.

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4. Cloud and Syncing

Google Sheets was developed as a cloud-based application. From your Google Drive, you can view and access all of your files. Syncing operates automatically by linking you to Google Drive and saves any opened files.

In Office 365, you could get nearly the same level of synchronization. However, some users might find the hassle of setting it up bothersome. The two programs thus differ in some ways with regard to this criterion.

Difference between google sheet and Excel

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5. Offline Access

Both Google Sheets and Excel have offline access. However, you need to set up Google Sheets Offline Extension. Nevertheless, the extension frequently malfunctions. On the other hand, Excel has been available for offline use for decades. Moreover, if the device regains internet connectivity, your files are now immediately synced via OneDrive. Excel is undoubtedly in the lead for providing users with improved offline access.

6. Security

In the age of contemporary technology, it is crucial for everyone to keep their data private. You’re in luck because both of these apps provide data security.

  • Microsoft once had a bad record for employing password security that was simple to crack. However, especially if you use OneDrive, they have significantly improved their security issues.
  • Since Google Sheets exclusively keeps files in the cloud, it is far more difficult to lose any of them. Google’s cloud employs HTTPS, which is a lot safer than plain HTTP.

In short, both solutions make use of two-factor authentication and a secure cloud-based data storage mechanism. To make the programs secure for all users, they have made all efforts possible.

7. Ease of Use

Excel is the most used spreadsheet program and has been around for 33 years. As a result, an entire generation of people received their Excel training at school. People typically adore Excel. People like to adore Excel for its extensive capacity & versatility after spending the time to study & comprehend all the billion various things it’s capable of. However, those who despise it find using it frustrating. Well, unless you try to learn it, that is.

In conclusion, Excel is for those who desire a functional tool with lots of features. For people who utilize a spreadsheet for routine, easy-to-complete chores, there is Google Sheet.

8. Pricing

In this scenario, Google Sheets wins because it is the most affordable option at zero cost to use. However, you must pay $6 each month if you use a business account. And if you purchase a yearly subscription, you’ll receive a discount. Excel, however, doesn’t have a free version. It must be purchased as a component of Office 365. It will cost $6.99 each month or $69.99 for a one-time purchase.

9. Performance

The maximum number of cells in one spreadsheet, ten million, isn’t inherently insignificant, but Sheets can start to lag as you start adding greater amounts of data. With bigger data volumes, there are no noticeable performance difficulties (unless you are on a really old or low specification machine). with the ability to manage 17 billion cells in a single spreadsheet.

10. Data Analysis and Visualization

Gantt charts, pie charts, dashboards, etc. are examples of data analysis and visualization.

There are numerous chart possibilities in Google Sheets and Excel. There are numerous graphs and charts in Google Sheets, including bar, pie, column, and scattered graphs.

However, this is Sheets versus Excel. When compared to Excel, Google Sheets’ data display and analysis fall short. Many charts might require human work. Certainly not directly. Google Sheets is a long way behind Microsoft Excel as far as data analysis and visualization capabilities go. They are really powerful. Enough to effortlessly transform your financial models into works of beauty.

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Pros and Cons of Microsoft Excel

Let’s examine some of the main advantages and disadvantages of Excel.


  • Excel offers sophisticated functionalities.
  • It provides limitless storage space, quick execution, and additional data display possibilities.


  • Excel is challenging to fix.
  • Collaboration is challenging because of the many Excel versions.
  • The sheets are only accessible from your personal computer.

Pros and Cons of Google Sheets

Let’s examine some of Google Sheets’ advantages and disadvantages.


  • Using Google Sheets is free and simple.
  • Google Sheets contain a built-in revision history and a live chat window because they are primarily designed for collaboration.


  • The document takes longer to load and contains more info.
  • There are a few possibilities for data visualization.
  • There is little room for customization and formulae.

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In this article, I have tried to explain the difference between google sheets and excel. I hope, you have learned something new from this article. Now, extend your skill by following the steps of these methods. You will find such interesting blogs on our website Exceldemy.com. I hope you have enjoyed the whole tutorial. If you have any kind of queries feel free to ask me in the comment section. Don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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