How to Convert Time to Seconds in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

The following dataset contains 5 different times in a 12-hour time format. We’ll transform them into seconds. You can go through the below methods one by one and choose whichever suits you best.

convert time to seconds in excel

Method 1 – Convert Time to Seconds in Excel with Simple Formula


  • Click cell C5.
  • Input the formula:
  • Notice that, as the hour is 12 AM, we have to multiply 0 (not 12) by 3600, which will result in 0.
  • Press Enter and Excell will return the time in seconds.

Convert Time to Seconds with Simple Formula in Excel

A drawback of this method is that we can’t apply the AutoFill to get other outputs, so we have to input them one by one manually.

  • For example, the cell C9 will need this formula:

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Method 2 – Combining Excel HOUR, MINUTE, & SECOND Functions for Converting Time to Seconds


  • Select cell C5.
  • Input the formula:
  • Press Enter.
  • If you see the output in Time format, change it to General/Number format.
  • You’ll get the total seconds.

Combine HOUR, MINUTE, & SECOND Functions for Converting Time to Seconds

NOTE: HOUR(B5)*3600 retrieves 0, then multiplies the 0 with 3600. The MINUTE(B5)*60 part returns 15 and multiplies it with 60. SECOND(B5) gives out 10.
  • Use the AutoFill tool to complete the rest. You’ll see the other outputs.

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Method 3 – Inserting CONVERT Function to Convert Time to Seconds


  • Click cell C5.
  • Type in the formula:
  • You’ll get different options. Choose Day.

Insert Excel CONVERT Function to Transform Time to Seconds

  • Select Second next.

  • Press Enter. It’ll return the result in seconds.

  • Apply AutoFill to fill the series.

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Download Practice Workbook

Download the following workbook to practice by yourself.

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