How to Create Circular Area Chart in Excel (With Detailed Steps)

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There are lots of chart options in Excel. We create a chart based on the data type and our requirements. In this article, we will discuss a special type of chart named a circular area chart and how to create that in Excel with proper illustrations.

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What Is a Circular Area Chart?

The circular area chart is a different type of chart. This chart is used to compare different components based on the dimensions in Excel. It is also known as the radar or spider chart. The distance of the edges of each dimension from the center is the value of the corresponding cells in the dataset.

3 Steps to Make a Circular Area Chart in Excel

In this section, we will discuss all the steps in detail necessary to create a circular area chart in Excel.

📌 Step 1: Collect and Insert Data in Dataset

In this article, we will consider the profits of January, February, and March for 10 years, from 2011 to 2020.

  • In this step, we collect those data and insert them into the dataset.

Dataset for creating Circular Area Chart

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📌 Step 2: Create a Circular Area Chart in Excel

Now, we will use the inserted data to create a circular area chart in Excel.

  • Choose the whole dataset.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • Click on the down arrow in the Charts group section.

  • Insert Chart window appears.
  • Go to the All Charts tab.
  • Choose the Radar option from the different types of charts on the left menu.
  • Choose the Filled Radar option.
  • After that, select the desired chart as shown in the image.
  • Finally, press the OK button.

Choose desired chart to create Circular Area Chart

  • Now, look at the created chart.

We can see a has been created that captured a certain area. This chart is for 3 months or 10 years. The dimensions are created for 3 months with different colors.

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📌 Step 3: Customize the Circular Chart

Now, we will customize the newly created circular chart.

  • Click on the chart.
  • We can see the Plus (+) on the right side of the chart.
  • Then, click on the Axes option.

After this, we will see that the units have been removed from the chart.

  • Now, click on the year values of the chart.
  • Then, press the right button of the mouse.
  • Choose the Font option from the Context Menu.

  • The Font window appears.
  • Change the Font style into Bold, Size to 12, and Font color to white.
  • Finally, press the OK button.

Customize the Circular Area Chart

  • Again, look at the chart.

  • Similarly, we modified the title and legend of the chart.

Final Circular Area Chart

Successfully we created the circular area chart in Excel

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Create Circular Chart Without Covering Area

We can also create an alternative chart without covering the area of the chart.

📌 Steps:

  • Follow Step 2. Then, choose the Radar with Markers chart.
  • Then choose the desired chart from that window.

  • Press the OK button and look at the chart now.

Circular Chart without covering area

In this chart, the areas overlap each other, but their area is visible.

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In this article, we described the whole steps of creating a circular area chart in Excel. We also created another chart without covering the area. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Please have a look at our website, ExcelDemy, and give your suggestions in the comment box.

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