Automatically Create PowerPoint Slides from Excel (3 Easy Ways)

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Microsoft Excel is indeed an extremely effective software. We may perform countless operations on a given dataset using Excel’s tools and features. We frequently need to make PowerPoint slides from Excel files. When we have to do it repeatedly, copying information from Excel and making PowerPoint slides is very time-consuming. This article will discuss three unique and easy ways to create PowerPoint slides from Excel files automatically. Therefore, you should go through these 3 easy ways to Automatically Create PowerPoint Slides from Excel.

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3 Easy Ways to Automatically Create PowerPoint Slides from Excel

As an illustration, we will explore a sample dataset. The following dataset, for example, has sales representative Names and Areas. We are going to show the Excel data in PowerPoint slides using all 3 of the approaches. Moreover, I will go through the benefits and drawbacks of using these strategies. In addition, I have yet to mention that I have been using the Microsoft Excel 365 version for this article; You are free to choose any other edition that you find most convenient.

automatically create powerpoint slides from excel

1. Automatically Create Slides Using Insert Command in PowerPoint

The Insert Command is the simplest method. Using this Insert Command, slides are kept up to date immediately after any modifications are made to the Excel file. The issue is that we need to utilize the insert command for each slide. We will insert the Excel object using PowerPoint’s Insert command to automate the procedure. To complete the work, please follow the instructions below.


  • First, launch PowerPoint.
  • Then, select the Insert tab.
  • Next, click Text, and later on the Object option.

Automatically Create Slides Using Insert Command in PowerPoint

  • As a result, a new dialog box will pop up at this time, and you must click on Create from file.
  • After that, click on Browse to find the Excel document you want to add to your slides.

  • Consequently, the Insert Object dialog box pops up again, allowing you to check the Link box and click OK.
  • Hence, as demonstrated below, it will yield the desired output in MS PowerPoint.

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2. Apply Paste Special Feature to Generate Slides from Excel

Another interesting way is to use the Paste Special feature. We can make slides in PowerPoint with the specified and selected data from Excel through the paste feature. Here, as the data in the Excel file is updated, the PowerPoint slide is also updated. To do the procedure, follow these instructions.


  • First, open Excel’s saved worksheet to insert data.

Apply Paste Special Feature to Generate Slides from Excel

  • Secondly, move the mouse over the portion of the data you wish to link to PowerPoint. Then click on Copy.
  • Now, open PowerPoint and click on the slide where you wish to connect the Excel data. Later on, click Paste and Paste Special feature.

  • And a new dialog box appears. Choose the Paste link After that, click As Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object and hit OK.

  • As a result, it will return the required output in the PowerPoint slides, as shown below.

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3. Create PowerPoint Slides from Excel Through VBA

There is a unique way of creating PowerPoint Slides automatically using Excel VBA. The only difference between previous methods is that slides are not updated as we change the Excel file. However, since we are using this approach, we don’t need to create a VBA code for each presentation. Through modification of the code, we can generate dozens of slides.


  • First of all, select the active sheet of the workbook to begin.

Create PowerPoint Slides from Excel Through VBA

  • Secondly, navigate to Developer and then Visual Basic.
  • Later on, select Insert and now click on Module.

  • Next, put the following code into the Module box. Remember to change the cell’s range.
Sub powerPointFromExcel()
Dim AppSofteko As PowerPoint.Application
Dim PresentationSofteko As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim SlideSofteko As PowerPoint.Slide
Set AppSofteko = New PowerPoint.Application
AppSofteko.Visible = True
Set PresentationSofteko = AppSofteko.Presentations.Add
Set SlideSofteko = PresentationSofteko.Slides.Add(1, ppLayoutTitleOnly)
SlideSofteko.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange = "Use of Excel VBA"
End Sub

  • Finally, click the Run button or press F5.
  • So, this is where the output will go.

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You can automatically create PowerPoint slides from Excel from this point forward by using the procedures that we just discussed. On the ExcelDemy website, you will find various similar articles. Keep using them, and let us know if you come up with any other strategies to get the work done or if you have any new ideas. Remember to post questions, comments, or recommendations in the section below.

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