How to Insert an Excel File into PowerPoint as an Icon

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We can easily copy data from an Excel file and then paste it into a PPT file. In that case, a data table will show up. In this article, we will show how you can insert an entire Excel file into PowerPoint as an icon.

How to Insert an Excel File into PowerPoint as an Icon: 2 Methods

1. Use of Embedding Method to Insert as Icon

The embedding process keeps the original file in the PowerPoint. If we delete the original Excel file or make any changes, it will have no effect on the Excel file inserted in the PowerPoint.

Step 1:

First, open PowerPoint and select the slide on which you want to insert the Excel file as an Icon. then select the Insert tab and click on the Object in the Text section.

how to insert an excel file into powerpoint as an icon

Step 2:

Now, click on “Create from file” and press Browse to select the desired Excel file. If you want to create a new data set click on “Create new”. Click on the link option if you want to link the Excel file to the PPT file which is discussed in the conclusion part.

Selecting Create from File to Insert Excel File

Step 3:

Then, select Display as icon bar. Now if you click on the Link bar, the Excel file in the PowerPoint will be auto-updated with any change in the original file. If you don’t want that, leave it unmarked.

Step 4:

You can select different types of icons by pressing the Change Icon bar. Selecting the desired icon, click OK on both windows and get your Excel icon.

change icon for inserting excel into powerpoint

Step 5:

You can drag the icon to the right position and reshape it with corner handles. Now, just double click on the icon to access the data.

inserted Icon

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2. Paste Option to Insert into PowerPoint

The Paste method is an easy way to insert an Excel file into a PPT as an icon. You only need 4 steps to complete the method.

Step 1:

First, open the Excel workbook you want to insert. Then copy the data table.

excel dataset

Step 2:

Now, open your PPT file and select the slide you want to insert the Excel file. Then select the Paste bar. From the Paste options press Paste Special.

selecting paste special

Step 3:

Then, click on the Paste bar and Display as icon bar. You can also change the shape of the icon by selecting the Change Icon bar. And, click OK to get the Excel icon on the slide.

changing Icon

Step 4:

Drag the icon to your desired position and double-click to view or edit the file.

inserted Icon

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Things to Remember

There is a way of linking the data set to the PPT file. In both these methods you have to click the link bar. But remember that in case of linking, your data in the PPT file will change with the modification of the original Excel file. And if you delete the original file, the Excel file in PPT will also be deleted.

In the first method, you can also make a completely new Excel file by selecting Create new bar instead of Create from file bar in step 2.

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That’s all for the article. We have shown you a couple of handy ways to insert an Excel file into PowerPoint as icons. Hope you will find these helpful. If you have any queries related to these methods, please leave a comment.

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