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Hello! Welcome to my Profile. I , Sowmik Chowdhury, graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology from the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Currently, I am working and doing research on Microsoft Excel and here I will be posting articles related to this..

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How to Do Bank Reconciliation in Excel (with Easy Steps)

Sometimes, you might need to do Bank Reconciliation to manage your financial condition. In Microsoft Excel, you can perform Bank Reconciliation in bulk and ...

How to Do Data Mapping in Excel (5 Handy Ways)

Data Mapping is one of the first and essential steps for data management. In Microsoft Excel, you can easily do data mapping which reduces a lot of time and ...

How to Make a Bank Ledger in Excel (with Easy Steps)

A Bank Ledger is a very essential and important document to keep track of your financial situation. In Microsoft Excel, you can easily create a Bank Ledger and ...

How to Remove Gridlines from Table in Excel (2 Examples)

There may be some instances where you need to remove gridlines from tables. In Microsoft Excel, you can do this type of task within seconds. This article ...

Unhide Columns Is Not Working in Excel (4 Issues & Solutions)

In many cases, you might find that the unhide columns option is not working in Excel. Sometimes, the solutions to this problem are very easy but hard to find. ...

[Fixed!] Why Is My Excel Not Opening Files?

There may be some instances where your Excel will not respond to opening files. Sometimes, the solutions are very easy but hard to find. This article ...

How to Add Text to End of Cell in Excel (6 Easy Methods)

There might come some instances, where you need to add text to the end of a cell or cells in Excel. Microsoft Excel enables you to do such tasks in bulk and ...

What Is Datasheet View in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, we generally work in a datasheet view. This type of view helps us perform many actions in Excel. Also, it helps us understand a large set ...

How to Change Worksheet Tab Color in Excel (4 Handy Ways)

Looking for ways to change the worksheet tab color in Excel? Then this is the right place for you. In many cases, we may need to add or change the worksheet ...

How to Set Print Titles to Repeat in Excel (2 Ways)

In many cases, when you have a worksheet with lots of data, you might need to set print titles to repeat. In Microsoft Excel, you can do so within seconds. ...

How to Add Title in Excel Graph (2 Quick Ways)

The title is a very important element in an Excel Graph. It tells us what the graph is about and makes the chart or graph more understandable to other people. ...

How to Fix All Number Stored as Text in Excel (6 Easy Solutions)

Sometimes, while working on Microsoft Excel, we might find all numbers are stored as text. This will hamper our actions in a lot of ways. So, we might need to ...

How to Left Align in Excel (3 Handy Ways)

In many cases, you might need to align cells to the left in Excel. It is very easy to choose or change alignment in Microsoft Excel. Also, you can do this kind ...

How to Make a Price Comparison Chart in Excel (3 Suitable Examples)

A Price Comparison Chart is a handy tool for many scenarios. In Microsoft Excel, you can make a Price Comparison Chart with the help of other chart types. ...

How to Add Milestones to Gantt Chart in Excel (with Quick Steps)

In many cases, we need to add milestones to the Gantt Chart. In Microsoft Excel, a swift method is available to do it. Although you can’t do it directly, there ...

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