How to Adjust the Scroll Bar in Excel (5 Methods)


Method 1 – Clearing Unnecessary Data Outside the Used Range


  • Select the whole row after the last row of the data table.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow keys together.
  • Under the Home tab, select Editing > Clear > Clear All or press the Ctrl + ‘-‘ keys.
  • Press Ctrl + S to save the document.
    Adjusting Vertical Scroll BarThe vertical scroll bar is adjusted.
  • Select the whole column after the last column.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow keys together.
  • Clear all data and save the document.
    Adjusting Horizontal Scroll BarYou can see that the horizontal scroll bar is adjusted too.

If the above procedures do not adjust the scroll bar, follow the steps below:

  • Press Alt + F11 to open the Visual Basic editor.
  • Select View > Immediate or press Ctrl + G to open the Immediate window.
    Opening Immediate Window
  • Enter UsedRange in the Immediate window.
    Typing Code in Immediate Window Press Enter.

Go back to your sheet and see that the scroll bar gets adjusted.

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Method 2 – Removing Hidden Charts or Other Objects in Lower Cells


  • Press Ctrl + G to open the Go To dialog box.
  • Select Special.
    Opening Go To Special Feature
  • Choose Objects from the Go To Special dialog box and click OK. The charts or other objects will be selected.
  • Press the Delete button.
  • Move the scroll box to the top and save the document.
    Removing Hidden ChartsYou can see that the scroll bar gets adjusted.

To unhide hidden charts, follow the steps below:

  • Under the Home tab, select Editing > Find & Select > Selection Pane.
    Opening Selection Pane
  • Toggle the unhide icon beside the chart name.
    Showing Charts from Selection Pane

Follow the steps shown in this method to remove the chart.

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Method 3 – Dragging Vertical Ellipsis to the Right or Left

If the horizontal scroll bar becomes wide, it may cover the area of the sheet names. It can cause problems for users to view the data in the sheets properly.

In this case, you must drag the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) to the right or left to adjust the horizontal scroll bar. The procedure is shown in the following GIF.

Adjusting Scroll Bar by Vertical Ellipsis

Method 4 – Limiting the Scroll Area


  • Select Developer > Properties.
  • In the Properties window, define the ScrollArea.
    Limiting Scroll Area
  • Close the window.
    Now, your worksheet scroll bar is adjusted and cannot be scrolled to a longer range.
    Adjusting Scroll Bar by Limiting Scroll Area

Method 5 – Resizing Objects, Charts or Shapes

The presence of large objects or shapes can also be a reason for fast scrolling. In that case, we have to adjust the scroll bar.

To adjust the scroll bar, resize or delete the object or shapes to a smaller shape. See the image below.

Resizing or Deleting Large Objects

The bar chart is resized, the note is deleted, and the scroll bar is adjusted as well.

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