[Fixed!] Excel Scroll Bar Too Long (5 Solutions)

Have you ever faced a situation where the scroll bar in Excel is too long and you are not sure how to fix it? Do not despair! Because you’ve come to the right place. In the following article, we’ll discuss 5 fixes for Excel scroll bar too long, and we’ll also show how to stop scrolling to infinity and remove extra scroll bars in Excel.

Excel Scroll Bar Too Long: 5 Possible Solutions

Suppose we have the List of Clientele dataset shown in the B4:E14 cells, which portray the Company Names, their Addresses, the location City, and the Zip Code respectively. Therefore, without further delay, let’s explore each of the solutions with appropriate illustrations.

excel scroll bar too long

Here, we have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version, you may use any other version according to your convenience.

Solution 1: Deleting Contents from Other Cells

First and foremost, a common cause of the long scroll bar in Excel is that data may be present in some far-away cells, and removing them may fix this issue. Therefore, just follow along.

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, let’s consider we have some unwanted text in the B1048563 cell.

Deleting Contents from Other Cells

  • Now, click on column F to select the entire column.

Selecting column

  • Then, press the CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow key to select up to the XFD cell >> press the CTRL+ – (Minus) key to delete the contents of the cells.

selecting all columns excel scroll bar too long

  • Next, move to Row 15 and select all the cells.

Selecting rows

  • In a similar style, use the CTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow key to select up to the 1048576 cells >> hit the CTRL+ – (Minus) key to delete the cell contents.

selecting all rows excel scroll bar too long

Finally, type in CTRL + Home to move to the top of the dataset, and the scroll bar should adjust to the regular size.

Fixing excel scroll bar too long by deleting contents from other cells

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Solution 2: Using Keyboard Shortcut

Alternatively, you can employ a keyboard shortcut to undo any changes you may have made by mistake.

📌 Steps:

  • To start with, if you find yourself in an unfamiliar cell, press the ESC key to exit edit mode.

Using Keyboard Shortcut

  • Afterward, use the CTRL + Z keys to undo the changes >> press CTRL + HOME to navigate back to the top.

Undoing changes

Hopefully, this resolves the Excel scroll bar too long problem.

fixing excel scroll bar too long with keyboard shortcut

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Solution 3: Removing Hidden Notes/Comments

If hidden notes/comments are present in the spreadsheet, then you may encounter the Excel scroll bar too long problem. Fortunately, in the following section, we’ll demonstrate the process of resolving this issue.

📌 Steps:

  • In the first place, jump to the File tab.

Removing Hidden Notes/Comments

  • Next, go to Options located at the bottom.

Excel Options

In an instant, the Excel Options wizard appears.

  • Following this, move to the Advanced tab >> in the Display group, insert a check mark for the Indicators and notes, and comments on hover option >> press the OK button.

Show comments

Now, this unveils any hidden notes/comments in the worksheet.

showing hidden comments excel scroll bar too long

  • In turn, proceed to the cell containing the note/comment, here it is the E9 cell >> Right Click on the mouse >> choose the Delete Note option.

Delete comments

Subsequently, this should yield the results shown in the image given below.

Fixing excel scroll bar too long by removing hidden comments

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Solution 4: Identifying Hidden Charts

For instance, having hidden chart objects in your worksheet can also cause the “Excel scroll bar too long” issue. Now, let’s observe and learn to troubleshoot this issue. Let’s consider the List of Company Stock Prices dataset in the B4:D13 cells, which show the Company names, the Ticker symbol, and the Stock Price in USD respectively.

Identifying Hidden Charts

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, go to the Find & Select option >> click Selection Pane.

Selecting Selection Pane

Immediately, the Selection Pane pops out on the right.

  • From this point, click the Show All toggle to reveal any hidden charts.

  • Later, select the chart >> Right Click and press the DELETE button to remove the chart.

Removing chart

Consequently, the scroll bar should return to its default size.

Fixing excel scroll bar too long by removing chart

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Solution 5: Applying VBA Code

Lastly, you can apply a simple VBA Code to set the scroll area to just the cells containing the dataset. It’s simple and easy, so just follow along.

📌 Steps:

  • First, navigate to the Developer tab >> click the Visual Basic button.

Applying VBA Code

Now, this opens the Visual Basic Editor in a new window.

  • Second, go to the View tab >> select Immediate Window.

Opening Immediate Window

  • Third, copy and paste the code below into the Immediate window >> hit the ENTER key.

inserting VBA code excel scroll bar too long

Eventually, this should reset the scroll bar size back to normal, as evident in the screenshot below.

Fixing excel scroll bar too long with VBA Code

How to Stop Excel from Scrolling to Infinity

For one thing, you can use the Properties option to fix the scroll area just around the dataset in an attempt to fix the long scroll bar in Excel. However, this is a temporary fix, and re-opening the worksheet switches back to the default scroll area.

📌 Steps:

  • To begin with, go to the Developer tab >> select Properties.

How to Stop Excel from Scrolling to Infinity

Not long after, this opens the Properties window.

  • Later, in the ScrollArea field, enter the range of cells. In this case, the range is $A$1:$F$14.

📃 Note: Please make sure to provide Absolute Cell Reference by typing in the $ sign.

Go to properties

  • Finally, exit the Properties window, now your scrolling area is now limited to just your data range.

fixing excel scroll bar too long with properties

How to Remove Extra Scroll Bar in Excel

Normally, extra scroll bars appear in Excel when you click the Split option in Excel. Now, the Split option helps to divide a large dataset so you can observe it more easily. However, ignorance of this fact can be quite stressful. For instance, the picture below shows the dataset with the Split option enabled.

How to Remove Extra Scroll Bar in Excel

Luckily, there is a simple fix, so follow the steps shown below.

📌 Steps:

  • Initially, proceed to the View tab >> click the Split toggle to enable/disable it.

Using Split Option

Boom! This switches off the Split option. It’s that simple.

fixing excel extra scroll bar too long by switching off spilt option

All said and done, the world we live in is far from perfect! Though the methods above are all possible ways to resolve the Excel scroll bar being too long, if the problem persists as the last option, you can contact Microsoft Support. Here, you can find many Excel experts who will provide solutions for your particular issues.

💡 Things to Remember

Last but not least, a few noteworthy points to remember when fixing the “Excel scroll bar too long” issue.

  • First, use the Clear All option in the Editing group to get rid of the contents of all the other cells.
  • Second, you can also copy only the cells containing data and paste them into a new worksheet.
  • Third, make sure to unhide all comments/notes and delete them to resolve the issue.

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In essence, this article describes some quick and easy fixes for the Excel scroll bar too long issue. Now, we hope you found it helpful, and do inform us in the comment section about your experience.

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