Labour Contractor Bill Format in Excel (Download Free Template)

In Microsoft Excel, we most of the time create formulas for each of our tasks. But sometimes we make formats for different tasks that perform a complete operation. Those formats are commonly specified as templates. In this article, we will discuss labour contractor bill format and will make a sample template in Excel. Any user can download this template and use it for their requirements. They can also customize the template according to their need.

Labour Contractor Bill Template

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What is Labour Contractor Bill?

Labour contractor bill is made for contractor of labour. A labour contractor may be a person or commodity that provides a client employer with staffers to conduct labour within the client employer’s regular course of business. This may be conducted by signing a contract between the contractor and the client. This contract signing is not mandatory. But for reliability and trust between the two parties, it is a better solution.

What is the Use of the Labour Contractor Bill Format?

Bill is one of the most basic entities for a work order. When a contractor is supplying manpower or supporting the client by hard work, getting the bill for that work is very crucial. As work support is the most priority for the contractor, he does not want to spend lots of time making bills. He wants the simplest way to make the bill. Also, needs to ensure that no mistakes occur, and fewer revisions are needed. The format also needs to be easily understandable to the clients. A labour contractor bill format ensures that you are sending invoices the right way.

A precise bill summarizes exactly what work was performed. The cost and notes of any work-related information are kept in such a way so that the contractor and the clients face no problem further.

Additionally, this bill can be used as a record of transactions and other financial information for both parties. This way, they can easily pay their taxes. So,  people can easily use this labour contractor bill format based on Excel.

Which Things Are Necessary to Make a Labour Contractor Bill Format?

Before making a billing format of labour contractor we must consider the below key factors:

  • Bill Number
  • Date of Bill
  • Company logo
  • Contractor’s Company name with contact details
  • Client’s Company name with contact details
  • Client’s Unique ID
  • Subtotal
  • Tax rate
  • Total Tax on the subtotal
  • Discount if announced
  • Total after discount and tax
  • Date of Payment
  • Signature of the Contractor and the Client

Types of Labour Contractor Bill

As a contractor provides different labour support to a variety of clients, he needs to make more than one format of billing. So that he can process bills for all clients perfectly.

Choosing the perfect billing format that communicates the orders that have been made and the amount that the client owes is very significant.

Some contractor billing formats are given below:

  • Hourly wages based
  • Project contact-based
  • Daily wages based
  • Time-based
  • Mixed wages based

Make a Basic Format for Labour Contractor Bill in Excel

In this section, we will show how to make a labour contractor bill format.

1. Add Company Information with the Logo

First, add the logo in the format. For this purpose, design a logo based on the company name and business policy.

In the second part add the company contact information like address, phone, email, etc.

Now the initial part will be like below:

Add Company Information with the Logo

2. Include Client’s Details in the Format

In this section, we will add the customer or client’s details.

Customer details include name, ID, address, mail, etc.

Here, the Customer ID is very important. The company can easily identify any customer by this ID, as this Customer ID is unique for each customer.

So, the Primary part of the format will look like below:

Include Client’s Details in the Format

3. Input Billing Info

This billing information will be made each time to a customer when any task is complete or after a certain time period. Every time Bill ID will change. Also, the payment date will be mentioned in the billing information.

Input Billing Info in Format

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4. Billing Details of the Format

Here, we will introduce the billing details. This is basically data entry past.

In the 1st data of the bill will be included. By this template, we calculate bills based on hourly wages.

Billing Details of the Format in Excel

In the 2nd part, we will see all the calculation entities. Subtotal, tax, discount, grand total will be shown here. The final calculation will be done here.

Billing Details of the Format

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5. Execute an Operation with the Built Format

Now, we will perform the total operation with the newly built format. We will calculate the labour bill for 7 days. First, enter all the data in the format. Those are date, person, duration, and wages.

Now we calculate the total work duration of each date.

That is the multiplication of Person and Duration. Mathematically shown as:


And Excel formula for Cell G22 will look like this:


Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

Now, press Enter.

The total work duration on 1/21/2022 is showing now.

We drag the Fill Handle icon towards the last cell to get value for the rest of the cells.

Execute an Operation with the labour bill Format

Now, we will calculate the Total Wages for each date. We will get this the following mathematical expression:

=Total Work Duration* Wages Per Hour

The Excel formula for this expression on the Cell I22 is:


Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

Again, press Enter to apply the formula.

Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

This is the Total Wages for each date.

We will find the rest of the cells by dragging the Fill Handle icon.

Now, we sum all the totals and find the Subtotal on Cell I31.

Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

Then press Enter and the sum result will show.

5% is the standard tax for all the bills.

So, the Total Tax will be calculated applying the below formula:


Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

Press Enter and get the Total Tax. Also set $100 dollar as a discount.

Finally, calculate the Grand Total by applying the below formula:


Execute an Operation with the Labour bill Format

Lastly, press the Enter to get the Grand Total.

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6. Further Features of a Bill Format

We can also add authorization features in the bill format.

Contractor authorization is gathered by the signature on the below box.

Further Features of a labour bill Format

Customer authorization is gathered by the signature on the below box.

Additionally, the payment option like bank details can be added like that.

Further Features of a labour bill Format


In this article, we completed an Excel template for labour contractor bill format. People can simply download the template and only input the data, and the calculation will be done easily. They can also customize this labour billing format. Please have a look at our website and give your suggestions in the comment box

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