How to Create Multiple Invoices in an Excel Spreadsheet -2 Steps

This is an overview.

Overview of the first invoice from the Excel Spreadsheet

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Create Invoices in Excel from a Database

Spreadsheet to create multiple invoices

  • Create a Word file to print the invoices in pdf.

Wordfile for the invoices

Step 1 – Use the Merge Field Feature in Word to Merge Multiple Invoices from an Excel Spreadsheet

  • In the Word file, go to Mailings. Select Start Mail Merge >> Normal Word Document.

Starting Mail Merge to create multiple invoices from Excel spreadsheet

  • Go to Select Recipients >> Use an Existing List.

Selecting the recipients create multiple invoices

  • Select the Excel file and click Open.

selecting the excel file

  • Place the cursor in front of the Invoice number and go to Insert Merge Field>> Bill_No. (Bill No is a column heading in the Excel file).

selecting bill no from Insert Merge Field

  • To enter the date place the cursor before the date and in Insert Merge Field, select Date.

Selecting date from insert merge field

  • Follow the same steps to enter the receiver name.

Selecting dealer name from insert merge field

  • Follow the same steps to enter the item name.

Selecting items from insert merge field

  • Apply the same process to enter Quantity, Rate, Taxable Amount, Tax, and Total Amount.

Selecting other options from insert merge field

  • This is the output.

Overview of the word file

  • Click Preview Results.

Previewing the result of multiple invoices from Excel Spreadsheet

  • Use the slider to change the invoice numbers.

Overview of the first invoice from the Excel Spreadsheet

  • This is 4th invoice:

Overview of the 4th invoice from the Excel Spreadsheet

Step 2 – Print Multiple Invoices or Export the File as a PDF


Printing Multiple Invoices

  • Go to Finish and Merge.
  • Select Print Documents.

Printing multiple invoices from Excel Spreadsheet

  • Select Finish and Merge>>Edit Individual Documents.

To convert into a pdf choosing Edit Individual documents

  • Select All and click OK.

Choosing all in merge to new document

  • Another Word file will open. You can see the new Word file has 9 pages. Each page contains one invoice.

new word file created with multiple invoices

Export the File as PDF

  • To export the file as PDF, go to Files and select Export >> Create PDF/XPS.

Exporting word file to pdf

  • The pdf will contain the 9 invoices.

pdf with multiple invoices

Things to Remember

Unmerge cells before merging the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a limit to the number of invoices I can create in Excel using this method?

There is no such limit.


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