How to Swap Rows in Excel (2 Methods)

How to swap rows in Excel

While working in Excel we might need to re-arrange data between rows and cells. Sometimes there is a possibility when you need to swap your data cells or range between rows and columns. Today we will learn three methods to swap data between rows. 

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Two Methods to Swap Rows in Excel 

1. Creating a new row and swap  

2. Using Mouse and Shift Key

Also, we will discuss an Extra method for swapping rows and cells.

1. Creating A New Row And Copy-Paste

Suppose, we have a range of data like the one given below in the picture.


To swap rows in Excel let’s follow these steps.

  1. Let’s say we want to swap the entire row named “Tywin” and place him under “Emily”. For that, select the row number of “Tywin” by right-clicking the mouse and click “Insert”.
  2. A new row is created under “Emily”. Now copy the data of “Tywin” by holding and dragging the mouse and paste it in the empty row that you created.

3. “Tywin” is now under “Emily”. Finish the task by deleting the duplicate data row.

4. Finally, we now have a new data set.

swap rows in excel


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2. Using Mouse and Shift Key

Another easy way to swap single or multiple rows can be done by using the “Shift” key and mouse. Here’s how,

 1. Drag your mouse and select one or multiple rows to swap.

swapping rows using mouse and shift key

  1. Press and hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard. Now move your cursor to the edge of the two adjacent rows until it turns into this icon.
  2. Click and hold your mouse and hold the “Shift”. Move your mouse and you will see a gray line appears under the selected row that we want to swap.

4. Let go of the mouse, and the data will swap rows. This same method is also can be used while swapping columns.

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Extra Method (Transpose)

Here’s an extra method for you! In this method, we will swap between the rows and columns. Let’s see.

  1. Select the data range you want to swap and “Copy” 

extra method

  1. Select the cell where you want to paste. Right-click on the mouse and select “Paste Special”.

Extra Method

3. Now the new tab is open, click on “Transpose” and click “OK”.

extra method

4. And our required swapping is done.

extra method

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Quick Notes

➤ While swapping rows using method 2, you need to keep holding your mouse key until you complete your swap 

➤ When the swapping between rows and columns is done On method 3, remember that this transpose function is static. That means, if you make changes in the source data, the swapped value will not change.


Swapping rows is easy when you follow any one of the three methods that we discussed in this article. I hope this article is useful to you. If you have any thoughts or confusion, you are welcome to comment.

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