How to Paste Transpose in Excel Using Shortcut (4 Easy Ways)

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Today, we will discuss the Transpose option of Excel Paste Shortcut. In Excel, we generally transpose Rows to Columns or vice-versa. We can do this in multiple ways. But in this article, we’ll only use the Paste shortcut while copying data from one region to another. The following image is the overview or the outcome of the transpose operation using the Paste shortcut.

Overview of Performing Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

In this article, we will discuss 4 ways to paste Transpose in Excel. We take a data set that consists of the names, unit prices, quantity sold of different fruits, and also revenue made from those fruits.

Sample Dataset

1. Using Ribbon Paste Shortcut to Transpose in Excel

We can transpose by using the Ribbon commands. The process is given below:


  • Firstly, select the data we have to transpose. Here I’ve selected range B4:E9.
  • Secondly, go to Home.
  • Now, select Copy from the Clipboard group of commands.

Choosing Copy from the Ribbon to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

  • Thereafter, go to Cell B11 to Paste and Transpose.
  • After that, go to the main Home tab.
  • Then, select Paste from the commands.
  • Finally, from the drop-down of Paste option, select Transpose(T).

Selecting Paste Command to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

Applying Ribbon Shortcut to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

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2. Using Keyboard Shortcut to Paste Transpose in Excel

In this instance, we will use a keyboard shortcut to Transpose in Excel. This is the quickest way to Transpose.


  • First, select the data from the cell range of B4:E9 that we want to transpose.
  • Then, press Ctrl+C.

Copying Dataset by Pressing Ctrl+C

  • After that, select Cell B11 to paste the data.
  • Next, press Ctrl+V.
  • As a result, the dataset will be pasted as it is in the selected range.
  • Thereafter, click the drop-down of the Ctrl menu.
  • From the Paste option, select Transpose(T).

Pasting Data in Transpose

  • After selecting the Transpose(T), we will get our desired transpose result.

Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

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3. Applying Mouse Shortcut to Paste Transpose in Excel

Here, we will use a mouse shortcut to Transpose in Excel. We will paste the dataset in Transpose arrangement to the original data using the options available from the mouse click.


  • To begin with, select the range B4:E9 for transpose.
  • Then, click the right button of the mouse. We will find the Context Menu.
  • Next, select Copy from the Context Menu.

Selecting Copy from the Context Menu

  • Then, go to Cell B11 to Paste.
  • Again, click the right button of the mouse.
  • From the Context Menu, select the Paste Options.

Pasting Dataset Using Transpose Command from the Context Menu

  • Finally, select the Transpose(T) option and we will get the return values at once.

Implementing Mouse Shortcut to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

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4. Performing Transpose Operation Using Excel Paste Special Shortcut 

We can also use Paste Special for this Transpose. We can apply this Paste Special in different ways.


  • Firstly, select the range B4:E9 initially.
  • Then, press Ctrl+C to copy.

Copying Dataset

  • Afterward, select a cell to paste the data. We select Cell B11 for this.
  • After that, go to the main Home tab.
  • Go to the Paste from the commands.
  • From the Paste drop-down select Paste Special.
  • Or press Ctrl+Alt+V.

Choosing Paste Special Command

  • As a result, we will get a dialog box.
  • Now, put a mark on the Transpose option.
  • Then, click OK.

Clicking on Transpose Option to Perform Transpose Operation Using Paste Shortcut

  • Finally, we will get the return.

Using Paste Special Command

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Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to exercise while you are reading this article.


We showed different ways to Transpose using the Paste shortcut here. Hope this article will help you when you need to perform this operation. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment to us.

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