How to Insert Digital Signature in Excel (3 Quick Methods)

Suppose we have a dataset of a company’s Product Name and the Remaining Stock for the products. Let’s insert a digital signature, using 3 different methods.

Sample data to show how to insert digital signature in Excel

Method 1 – Inserting a Signature Line

We can insert a digital signature by using the Signature Line option.


  • Click the “Text” option on the “Insert” tab.
  • Click “Signature Line”.

A new window will appear named “Signature Setup”.

  • Provide a name in the “Suggested signer” box.
  • Enter a title and e-mail address in the corresponding boxes.
  • Click OK to continue.

Using Insert Option to Add Digital Signature

A signature box is placed in our worksheet. Let’s add our desired signature in the place of “X”.

  • Select the signature box, and from the right pane click the “Sign” option from the drop-down list.

We have successfully inserted a digital signature in our Excel worksheet.

Using Insert Option to Add Digital Signature

Method 2 – Using the Draw Feature

You can also draw your own signature.


  • Go to the “Draw” tab and select a suitable “Thickness” and “Color” for the pen.

  • Draw your own customized signature on the worksheet.

A digital signature is inserted into the worksheet.

Insert Digital Signature Utilizing Draw Feature

This may qualify as a handwritten signature since it was rendered using a pen!

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Method 3 – Insert a Picture of a Handwritten Signature

We can add a handwritten signature from a scanned copy or saved image.


  • Open the workbook, and choose “This Device” from the “Pictures” option on the “Insert” tab.

Insert Picture to Convert Handwritten Signature into Digital

  • Select an image file from your storage and click “Insert”.

  • After the image is inserted, select it.
  • Go to the “Picture Format” tab and click “Crop” from the “Size” group.

Insert Picture to Convert Handwritten Signature into Digital

  • After cropping the image, select the “Crop” option again from the list.

We have successfully inserted a digital signature in Excel.

Insert Picture to Convert Handwritten Signature into Digital

Things to Remember

  • You can also add an invisible signature from the “Protect Workbook” feature. Go to File > Info > Protect Workbook > Add a Digital Signature. This invisible signature will be visible after the completion of the Microsoft signing certificate.
  • In order to access the “Draw” feature, go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon. From the right pane tickthe “Draw” option.

Download Practice Workbook

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