How to Fix Image in Excel Cell (2 Quick Solutions)

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After inserting a picture in a cell, we often face some problems in Excel. Like while inserting a column or row, the picture is not moving with the cell automatically or while filtering, the picture is not filtered properly. In this tutorial, we’ll try to show all the possible issues and effective solutions with clear illustrations to fix image in Excel cell.

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2 Solutions: How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

To explore the issues and solutions, we’ll use the following dataset that represents three popular companies’ logos.

1. Image Is Not Moving and Sizing with Cells

The most common problem we face while inserting an image is it is not moving with the cell when we insert a column or change the size of a cell or filter them. So then your worksheet will look weird. But no worries, there 2 easy ways to fix it.

  • Have a look, I inserted a column before Column C and the logos are remaining exact in their positions.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

  • Then see, what happened when I filtered the dataset for only Sony’s logo-

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

It’s not filtering the logos and the logos are not moving.

Solution 1: Mark Move and Size with Cells Option

In the Format Picture section in Excel, there is an option named Move and Size with Cells. If we mark it to use for a picture then we can get rid of our problem.


  • Select the logos and right-click your mouse.
  • Later, select Format Object from the context menu.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

Soon after, you will get the Format Picture filed on the right side of your sheet.

  • Click on the Properties icon and then mark Move and size with cells.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

Now see, I added a column and the images moved with the cells.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

And the filtering is working properly now.

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Solution 2: Insert Image into Shape

The second best solution to the problem is to insert a picture into a shape rather than using the Picture command. It’s quite easy, first, we’ll insert a shape in a cell and then will insert an image as a shape fill.


  • From the Insert ribbon, click on Shapes.
  • After that, select a rectangular shape from the appeared list.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

  • Next, drag your mouse after clicking on a cell to set the shape. I dragged along Cell C5.
  • Later, click as follows: Shape Format > Shape Fill > Picture.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

  • A dialog box will open up soon to select the image from a source. My image is on my computer so, I clicked From a File.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

  • Finally, just select the image from the folder and press Insert.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

See, the shape is filled with the image automatically, no need to darg here.

  • Following the same process, insert other pictures.

Now if I insert a column the images will move with the cells.

Also, the Filter command is working fine, with no trouble.

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2. Image Is Moving from a Protected Sheet

Another common problem is- the image is moving from a protected sheet, but we know that no data or object can’t move from a protected sheet. Take a look at the image below, I protected my sheet then dragged the logo of Sony and it’s moving.

Solution: Mark Right Action Before Protecting Sheets

The reason is that you didn’t mark the right action while protecting a sheet with a password. When you are gonna protect a sheet with a password then it will allow you to choose some commands those will work after protecting the sheet. If you mark Edit objects then any user will allow editing the image.

  • Unmark the Edit objects option while protecting your sheet using the Protect command from the Review ribbon.

How to Fix Image in Excel Cell

Then any picture won’t move from the cell and can’t be edited.

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That’s all for the article. I hope the procedures described above will be good enough to fix an image in the Excel cell. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section and please give me feedback. Visit ExcelDemy to explore more.

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