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In this article, you will solve four practice Excel exercises in data entry, which will be provided in PDF format. Additionally, you will get an Excel file where you can try to solve these problems yourself. These problems are mostly beginner friendly. However, a little bit of intermediate knowledge is required to solve a few problems. You will need to know about the IF, SUM, SUMIF, MATCH, INDEX, MAX, and LARGE functions, conditional formatting, data validation and basic cell formatting to solve the problems. If you have Excel 2010 or later, you can solve these problems without any compatibility issues.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link.

Additionally, you can download the PDF file from this link.

Problem Overview

Our dataset has two main parts. In the first part, we will input the data in the first four columns. Secondly, we will use those values to calculate the remaining five columns. After that, we will calculate three more things from the following table. The problem statements are provided in the “Problem” sheet, and the solution to the problem is in the “Solution” sheet. Additionally, the reference values are given in the “Reference Tables” sheet in the Excel file.

Problem Overview of Excel Data Entry Practice Exercises PDF

Let us now walk you through all of the problems.

  • Exercise 01 Filling the Dataset: The fast task requires to fill 4 columns by typing and 5 columns by using formulas.
    • Firstly, you will need to type these values in the first 4 columns. The formatting (alignment, font size, font color, background color, etc.) helps with the visualization. Moreover, there should be a dropdown list for the date column. You will need to apply the Data Validation to do this.
    • Secondly, you will find the amount by multiplying the price by the unit sold.

    • Thirdly, find the discount amount. Less than $1 is a 3% discount and for more than 1, it is 5%. You can use the IF function to do so.
    • Fourthly, subtract the previous two values to get the net amount.
    • Then, the sales tax is 10% for all products.
    • After that, add the sales tax with the net amount to calculate the total amount.
    • Finally, add conditional formatting to the top 3 revenue.
  • Exercise 02 Finding Total Sales: Your task is to find the day wise sales and total sales amount.
    • You can use the SUMIF function to get the first value and the SUM function for the second value.
  • Exercise 03 Most Popular Item (By Quantity): In this exercise, you will need to find the highest product name and the amount of it.
    • You can use the MAX function to find the maximum value. Then, combine it with the MATCH function to find the row number. Finally, use the INDEX function to return the most popular item.
    • Additionally, using the MAX function, you can find the quantity value.
  • Exercise 04 Top 3 Items (By Revenue): Your task is to find the top 3 items from the total column.
    • You will need to combine the LARGE, MATCH, and INDEX functions to return the desired output.

Here is a screenshot of the solution to the first problem. The solutions to these problems are provided in the PDF and Excel files.


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