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The new version of an application comes with new features. Microsoft Excel 2013 (part of Microsoft Office 2013 suite) also has come with some unique and up-to-date features.

Online Storage of Excel 2013

Excel 2013 files or workbooks can be created in Microsoft’s SkyDrive online storage. You can create an Excel 2013 file in SkyDrive online storage, share that file with friends or colleagues. If you select ‘Recipients can edit’ options before sending the file, your friends or colleagues can edit the file.

If you select ‘Recipients can only view’ before sending the file, then your friends or colleagues can only view the file. They don’t have the power to edit excel files.

Storage your files with SkyDrive

You can create Excel files in SkyDrive with the 2013 version

Opening Excel Files in your workstation

You can open Excel files stored in SkyDrive Excel on your computer or laptop or tablet. Or you can open files in Excel Web App. You can create a link to your file and share it with the social network or on your website or blog. You can Embed your files on your web page or blog in the following way. You can play with the following Excel File 🙂

Online Excel files.

Play with Excel file online

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Excel now Runs in Other Devices

You can run full Office Suite on your touch-sensitive devices such as Windows RT tablets and Windows Smartphones.

New Look

The first thing you will like about Excel 2013 is it’s a brand new cleaner look. Excel 2013 shows graphics in Title Bar. The default color scheme is White, but you can choose ‘light gray’ and ‘dark gray’ color schemes from File ⇒ Options ⇒ General ⇒ Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office ⇒ Office_Themes

New look of Excel environment

Changing Microsoft Office theme

Changing background graphics

You can change the background graphics of your Excel 2013 with this command: File ⇒ Options ⇒ General ⇒ Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office ⇒ Office_Background.

Changing background graphics in Excel 2013

Microsoft Office background


I have chosen ‘Circles and Stripes’ for my Excel Files. Here is my tiny snapshot of the Excel Title Bar.

New background graphics with Excel 2013

Circles and Stripes graphics

One Workbook One Window

In Excel, each workbook has its own window. You can now work with two workbooks at a time. If you use two monitors, your life will be easier with this option.

Recommended Pivot Tables and Recommended Charts

If you work with Pivot Tables, Excel 2013 will automatically recommend suitable Pivot Tables. When you will work with Excel charts, you will get the same assistance.

Fill Flash

Say you have some names. For example, one name is ‘Robert De Niro’. Other names also consist of three parts like ‘Robert De Niro’. You want to separate the first name, middle name, and last name in separate columns. With fill-flash, you can do it easily.

Step 1:

Enter the first name in the column next to your data and Press Enter.

Flash Fill feature with Excel 2013

Step 1

Step 2:

Start typing the next name. Fill Flash will suggest the first part of all names. If it is what you want, Press Enter.

Flash Fill features in Excel 2013 - Img2

Step 2

Step 3:

Now we type the last part of the name in the next column. We type it in lowercase and press Enter.

Flash Fill features in Excel 2013 - Img3

Step 3

Step 4:

Start typing the next name. Fill flash will suggest the last name this time in lowercase. Press Enter. You can separate the middle name the same way.

Flash Fill features in Excel 2013 - Img4

Step 4

Note: Names you select must be of the same pattern. All the names will be 3 parts or 2 parts or 4 parts or ‘n’ parts. ‘n’ can be any natural number {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ……}.

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Microsoft Office Support Apps

Apps increase the power of an application. Say last month I have earned £50,000 and from different sources. I want to calculate the percentage of earnings from different sources. I can take the help of an Apps that will calculate for me. Observe the following images.

To insert an App, you have to use this command: Insert ⇒ Apps ⇒ Apps for Office

Example-Percentage Calculator

I have used here a free Percentage Calculator app. You can download this App and get an idea of how Office Apps work. See the following image, how it is making my job easier.

Percentage calculator Excel App

Excel apps

Data Model

From multiple data tables, we can create pivot tables in a relational manner. We shall discuss more in the relevant section of the Data Model.

New Slicer Option

Slicer feature was introduced in Excel 2010. It is used with Pivot Tables. In 2013 Slice Options can be also used with tables.

Timeline Filtering of Data

You can filter data by dates with a slicer. With Excel 2013, you can filter data with Timeline. We shall discuss more in the relevant section.

Quick Analysis

If you click two or more cells with data, you will see the Quick Analysis Options near the AutoFill. Click it and you will find tools like Formatting, Charts, Totals, or another tool. Tool options may differ with your selection of data.

See the image below.

Quick Analysis with Excel 2013

Excel 2013 Quick Analysis

Enhanced Chart Formatting

You can modify charts more easily now.

50 New Functions Added

Excel 2013 has added around 50 new functions for your use.

Backstage Screen

You will find the backstage screen is more organized and easier to use.

Backstage view in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 backstage screen

Newly Added Add-ins

Three new add-ins PowerPivot, Power View, and Inquire have been added. They are only available in the Office Professional Plus version.

Also, get an idea about the new features of Excel 2019 in windows edition.

Happy Excelling 🙂

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