How to Create a Scoring System in Excel (With Easy Steps)

Step 1 – Input Data in Excel

In this example, we’ll show the evaluation process of 3 employees in a certain company.

  • You’ll see 4 criteria for assessment.
  • The weights of the criteria are different from each other.
  • See the below dataset.

Step 2 – Calculate the Totals

  • Select cell D11.
  • Insert the formula:
  • Press Enter.

create a scoring system in excel

  • Apply AutoFill to the right.

create a scoring system in excel

Step 3 – Compute the Weighted Score

  • Click on cell D12.
  • Insert the formula:
  • Press Enter.
  • Use the AutoFill tool to return other weighted scores.

Step 4 – Determine Percentages

  • Select cell D13.
  • Insert the following formula:
  • Press Enter.
  • Use the AutoFill tool to the right.

Step 5 – Create a Scoring System Using a Formula

  • Select cell D14.
  • Insert the formula:
  • Hit Enter.
  • It’ll return the rank of the D13 cell value.
  • Apply the AutoFill tool to get the ranks of other employees.

Final Output

  • Here are the results.

create a scoring system in excel

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