How to Copy Rows in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

Copying and pasting are one of the two most frequent tasks that we do while working with a dataset in Excel. To better deal with the dataset and accessing flexibilities, we can’t but know how to do them accordingly. Understanding that fact, we have come up with 4 simple ways that you can use to copy rows in Excel with ease.

Download the Practice Workbook

We are providing you with an Excel workbook to practice. In the workbook, you will have an employee list with ID, Name, and Department columns. You are recommended to download the workbook and practice along with it.

4 Ways to Copy Rows in Excel

You are going to learn 4 super easy ways to copy rows in Excel. All of them are super handy to use. You may pick up any of them for your task. So, without further discussion let’s dive straight into them one by one:

1. Using Home Ribbon

If you want to avoid keyboard shortcuts and feel comfortable working with your mouse, then this method is appropriate for you. It’s just a matter of a single mouse click and then you’re ready to go. Here’s how to do it:

Step-1: Select the row.

Step-2: Go to the Home ribbon.

Step-3: Select the Copy command.

how to copy rows in excel ( using home ribbon)

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2. Using Right-Click and Pop-up Menu

You can use this method instead of the first method that we have stated above. You can just right-click on the selection area and then select the copy command from the pop-up window. Here’s the step by step procedure for your better understanding:

Step-1: Select the row.

Step-2: Right-Click on the selection area.

Step-3: Select the Copy command from the pop-up menu.

copy rows in excel using right-click and copy command

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3. Using Drag and Drop Method

This method is super useful when you want to paste your data into a different location that you might want to select randomly. You can literally copy a row and then hold on to the CTRL key and drag your data anywhere you may like in Excel. Here’s how to do it:

Step-1: Select a row.

Step-2: Move the pointer to the border of the selection area. So that the Mouse Pointer becomes a Move Pointer.

Step-3: Press the CTRL button and drag the selection area to a new location at the same time.

Step-4: Release the CTRL button.

copy rows in excel using drag and drop method

4. Using Keyboard Shortcut

Those who were actually looking for a keyboard shortcut to copy rows in Excel, here you go guys. This method will allow you to work swiftly in Excel without causing any issues. Here are the steps to follow:

Step-1: Select a row.

Step-2: Type CTRL + C.

copy cells in excel using keyboard shortcut

Things to Remember

  • Make sure you always select the row first.
  • CTRL+C is the copy hotkey.


In this blog post, we have discussed 4 different ways that you can use to copy rows in Excel straightaway. Practice all of them and find out the method that best suits you.

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