How to Calculate Retail Price in Excel (2 Suitable Ways)

Method 1 – Calculate the Retail Price from the Markup

Let’s assume the total cost to manufacture a bicycle is $600. Revenue earned from the sale is $800. The gross profit is $800 – $600 = $200. Therefore, the markup is ($200/$600)×100% = 33.33%.

We have a list of cost prices along with markup percentages. We’ll calculate the retail price for each cost value.

  • Enter the following formula in cell D5.
  • AutoFill down the column.

Calculate Retail Price from Markup

Method 2 – Calculate the Retail Price from the Margin

Consider the earlier example. The gross profit is $200 while the revenue is $800. Therefore, the margin is = ($200/$800)×100% = 25%

Assume we have the margin percentages instead of the markup percentages.

  • Apply the following formula in cell D5 to calculate the retail price.

Calculate Retail Price from Margin

Things to Remember

  • Check whether you have the markup % or the margin % before calculating the retail price.
  • Markup % is greater than the margin % for the same cost-profit combination.

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