How to Create CAGR Graph in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

Method 1 – Utilizing Combo Chart

The sample dataset below contains the following known values.

Utilizing Combo Chart to Create CAGR Graph in Excel


  • Enter the following formula in cell D11 to get the CAGR value.


  • Enter the following formula to get the slope value.


Finding Slope to Create CAGR Graph in Excel

  • Insert another formula to find the CAGR graph values. We will plot these values in the secondary axis in a line chart to create the CAGR graph. Fill the formula down.


  • Select the cell range B4:D10.
  • From the Insert tab ➤ Insert Combo Chart ➤ select Clustered Column – Line.

Insert Tab to Create CAGR Graph in Excel

  • A default combo chart will pop up.

Basic Chart in Create CAGR Graph in Excel

  • Select the chart and from the Chart Design tab, click on “Select Data”.
  • A dialog box will appear.
  • Deselect “Year” and edit the horizontal axis labels.

  • Set the Axis Labels to the cell range B5:B10 and press OK.

  • The CAGR graph will be inserted.

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Method 2 – Inserting Column Chart to Plot CAGR Graph in Excel


  • Select the dataset range.
  • From the Insert tab ➤ Insert Column or Bar Chart ➤ select Clustered Bar.

Inserting Column Chart to Plot CAGR Graph in Excel

  • A basic chart will appear.

  • You can change the chart properties to make it look better.

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