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Hello! Welcome to my Profile. Currently, I am working and researching Microsoft Excel, and here I will be posting articles related to this. My last educational degree is BSc, and my program was Computer Science and Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh. I am a Computer Science graduate with a great interest in research and development. Always try to gather knowledge from various sources and try to make innovative solutions.

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How to Auto Update Drop-Down List in Excel (3 Ways)

If you are looking for ways to auto-populate the drop-down list in Excel, then this article may be helpful for you. In this article, we will show how we can ...

How to Make Multiple Dependent Drop Down List with Excel VBA

Creating a multiple-dependent drop-down has always been a challenge in MS Excel. We need this kind of drop-down list when there is a dependency or relationship ...

How to Transfer Data from One Sheet to Another in Excel Using Macros

For different purposes, we may need to move or transfer data from one worksheet to another in Excel. However, doing it manually or with formulas may lead to ...

How to Use TRANSPOSE Function in Excel?

While working with Microsoft Excel, some users prefer the formation of data vertically in columns, while others choose horizontal arrangements in rows. In ...

How to Populate List Based on Cell Value in Excel (8 Methods)

Populating a list based on cell value in Excel means automatically adding information that meets certain criteria. In this Excel tutorial, we will learn how ...

How to Remove Drop Down List in Excel (2 Easy Methods)

In MS Excel drop down list helps us to enter input correctly and properly. It is one of the most common properties in Excel. Fortunately, Excel provides all ...

How to Use INDIRECT, INDEX, and MATCH Functions in Excel

In MS Excel, INDIRECT, INDEX, and MATCH functions are the most used functions. These functions can be used to find specific data from any given dataset for ...

Excel VBA to Find Value in Column (6 Suitable Examples)

In MS Excel we frequently need to search or find values in the dataset. It could be finding data in the rows or the columns. Fortunately, Excel provides ...

Use VLOOKUP to Sum Multiple Rows in Excel (4 Ideal Examples)

In MS Excel, the VLOOKUP function is the most important function to search for any data from a dataset or table. For calculation, sometimes we may need to get ...

How to Use INDEX and Match for Partial Match (2 Easy Ways)

In MS Excel, instead of seeking something with full text or keywords, we may have to use partial text or keywords to look up desired data and information. ...

How to Use VLOOKUP for Partial Match in Excel (4 Suitable Ways) 

VLOOKUP function is generally used for searching or finding any elements within a range or table in Excel. We can find any elements with partial matches using ...

How to Vlookup Partial Text in Excel (with Alternatives)

The partial text means using some letters or groups of letters instead of the full text. In MS Excel, instead of searching for something with full text, we may ...

IF and VLOOKUP Nested Function in Excel (5 Suitable Examples)

IF and VLOOKUP functions are some of the most used functions in MS Excel for various purposes. The IF statement is used for conditioning purposes and VLOOKUP ...

How to Use VLOOKUP with COUNTIF (3 Easy Ways)

In this article, we will use the VLOOKUP function with the COUNTIF function in Excel. VLOOKUP and COUNTIF are the most used and powerful functions in MS Excel. ...

How to Use VLOOKUP for Multiple Columns in Excel?

Today I will talk about MS Excel’s popular and highly used function named the VLOOKUP function. This function can be used to extract, compare, shift, or search ...

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