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Md. Abdullah Al Murad is a computer engineer who loves exploring Excel and VBA programming. Programming, to him, is a time-saving tool for efficiently managing data, files, and internet tasks. He is proficient in C, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Office, and VBA and goes beyond the basics. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh. He has transitioned into the role of a content developer. Beyond his work, find him immersed in books, exploring new places during travels, and enjoying movies and TV series in his downtime.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, American International University-Bangladesh.


Data Analysis, Content Writing, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Office.


  • Technical Consultant at Midas Software Solutions LTD
  • Teaching assistant at American International University-Bangladesh.

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