Wrap Text Shortcut Key in Excel (2 Hotkeys)

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If a text length is greater than a cell length, then some part of the text becomes invisible due to the lack of enough space allocated for the text. To solve this issue, we need to convert a long single-line text into multiple lines which is known as text wrapping. Fortunately, Excel provides some amazing features to wrap text in Excel. But we can wrap text in Excel using a keyboard shortcut key too. Under this fact, in this article, you will learn 2 shortcut keys to wrap text in Excel.

wrap text in excel shortcut key

What is Text Wrapping?

Text Wrapping refers to the conversion of single-line text into multiple-line text with a view to better showcasing the cell contents to the users.

Text Wrap in excel illustration

Wrap Text in Excel with Shortcut Key: 2 Hotkeys

We will be using a Book List as a data table to demonstrate all the methods to wrap text in Excel. So, let’s have a sneak peek of the data table:

dataset for 2 Shortcut Keys to Wrap Text in Excel

So, without having any further discussion let’s get into all the methods one by one.

1. Shortcut Key-1: Wrap Text Automatically in Excel

We can wrap text in Excel by using a built-in tool called the Wrap Text, which you will find in the Alignment group under the Home ribbon. Using the Wrap Text feature is the easiest and fastest method to wrap your text in Excel automatically. But you can make your texts wrapped more quickly using a keyboard shortcut, which substitutes the lingering procedure of executing the Wrap Text command. To get the shortcut key applied in your data table, follow the steps below:

🔗 Steps

❶ First of all, select the range of the cells, where you want to apply the Wrap Text command.

Wrap Text Automatically in Excel

❷ After that press the  ALT + H + W keys one after another.

After pressing the keys sequentially, you will get the texts wrapped as follows:

ALT + H + W usage

2. Shortcut Key-2: Use Line Break to Wrap Text in Excel

As text wrapping is all about breaking long single-line text into multiple lines, we can use a keyboard shortcut key to break lines. To get the whole procedure, follow the steps below:

🔗 Steps:

❶ Place your cursor on the text where you want to put the line break.

Use Line Break to Wrap Text in Excel

❷ Then press ALT + ENTER to break the line.

❸ Finally press the ENTER button to finish the whole process.

line break text wrap

Shortcut Key to Unwrap Text in Excel

You can simply unwrap the text in Excel by following the same procedure as you did while wrapping up the text in the first place. Anyways, you can try the following:

❶ Select the range of the cells to unwrap text in them.

❷ Press the ALT + H + W keys together or click on the Wrap Text command under the Home ribbon.

That’s simply it.

Wrap Text Not Working?

There are situations that might appear that you’ve applied the wrap text command but some part of your text is still invisible and you can’t give them a read. If it is so, then you can try any of the solutions below:

1. AutoFit Row Height

Maybe it’s the row height that is not sufficient enough to showcase the full text within it. To fix this problem, first, select the cell and then,

❶ Go to the Home ribbon.

❷ Click on Format.

❸ From the drop-down menu select AutoFit Row Height.

AutoFit Row Height

2. Merge & Center

If you ever apply the Merge & Center command, then the wrap text command won’t work in that case. All you need to do is, disable the Merge & Center command. To disable the Merge & Center command,

❶ Select the cell.

❷ Go to the Home ribbon.

❸ Click on Merge & Center.

Merge & Center

3. Sufficient Row Height

If you try to apply the wrap text command on a cell that is already sufficient enough to display its content normally, then even after applying the wrap text command no change will appear. To force apply the wrap text feature, follow these steps. and on.

❶ First, toggle the Wrap Text command off.

Turn Off Wrap Text

❷ Then turn it on to apply the Wrap Text feature.

Turn On Wrap Text

4. Fill for Horizontal Alignment

To prevent spilling over into the next cell, people may set Fill for Horizontal Alignment. In such a case, the wrap text feature won’t work. To disable this functionality,

❶ Open the Format Cells dialog box by pressing the CTRL + 1 keys.

❷ Go to the Alignment tab.

❸ Under this tab, set General under the Horizontal option.

❹ Hit the OK button.

Format Cells dialog box by pressing the CTRL + 1 keys

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Things to Remember

📌 ALT + H + W is the hotkey to apply the Wrap Text command upon texts.

📌 You can press ALT + ENTER to apply line break upon texts.

Download Practice Workbook

You are recommended to download the Excel file and practice along with it.


To sum up, we have discussed two keyboard shortcut keys to wrap text in Excel. You are recommended to download the practice workbook attached along with this article and practice all the methods with that. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below. We will try to respond to all the relevant queries ASAP.

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