How to Wrap Text Using Shortcut Keys (2 Hotkeys)

What is Text Wrapping?

Text wrapping refers to converting single-line text into multiple lines to better display cell contents to users.

Text Wrap in excel illustration

Dataset Overview

We’ll use a Book List as a data table to demonstrate the methods to wrap text in Excel.

dataset for 2 Shortcut Keys to Wrap Text in Excel

Shortcut Key 1 – Automatic Text Wrapping

To wrap text in Excel, use the built-in Wrap Text tool found in the Alignment group under the Home ribbon. Alternatively, you can quickly wrap text using the keyboard shortcut:


❶ Select the cell range where you want to apply text wrapping.

Wrap Text Automatically in Excel

❷ Press ALT + H + W sequentially.

Herewith the results:ALT + H + W usage

Shortcut Key 2 – Line Break for Text Wrapping

For breaking long single-line text into multiple lines, use this keyboard shortcut:


❶ Place your cursor on the text where you want the line break.

Use Line Break to Wrap Text in Excel

❷ Press ALT + ENTER.

❸ Finally, press ENTER to finish.

line break text wrap

Shortcut Key to Unwrap Text

❶ Select the cell range.

❷ Press the ALT + H + W keys together or click the Wrap Text command under the Home ribbon.

Troubleshooting Text Wrapping Issues

If text remains invisible after applying wrapping, consider these solutions:

1. AutoFit Row Height

Ensure row height is sufficient.

❶ Select the cell.

❷ Go to the Home ribbon.

❸ Click on Format.

❹ Choose AutoFit Row Height.

AutoFit Row Height

2. Disable Merge & Center

If applied, disable the Merge & Center command.

❶ Select the cell.

❷ Go to the Home ribbon.

❸ Click on Merge & Center.

Merge & Center

3. Force Apply Wrap Text

To force apply the wrap text feature:

❶ First, turn the Wrap Text command off.

Turn Off Wrap Text

❷ Then turn it on.

Turn On Wrap Text

4. Adjust Horizontal Alignment

To prevent spilling over into the next cell, user may set Fill for Horizontal Alignment. In this case the wrap text feature won’t work. To disable this functionality,

❶ Open the Format Cells dialog box by pressing the CTRL + 1.

❷ Go to the Alignment tab.

❸ Set General under the Horizontal option.

❹ Click OK.

Format Cells dialog box by pressing the CTRL + 1 keys

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Things to Remember

ALT + H + W applies the Wrap Text command.

ALT + ENTER inserts a line break in text.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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