How to Translate Excel File to English (2 Easy Ways)

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the answer or some unique tips to translate Excel file to English. There are some easy ways to translate Excel file to English. This article will walk you through each and every step with appropriate examples. As a result, you can use them easily for your purpose. Let’s move on to the article’s main discussion.

How to Translate Excel File to English: 2 Easy Ways

In this section, I will show you 2 quick and easy methods to translate Excel file to English on the Windows operating system. This article contains detailed explanations with clear illustrations for everything. I have used the Microsoft 365 version here. However, you may use any other version depending on your availability. Please leave a comment if any part of this article does not work in your version.’

Here, I have a dataset where some data are in Chinese language and I will show you how you can easily translate them into English or any other language.

Translate Excel File in Chinese language to English

1. Translate Excel File to English Using Microsoft Translator

You can simply use the Microsoft translator in Excel to translate any language to others. You can follow the steps below:

📌 Steps:

  • First, open the Excel file where the foreign language data is contained.
  • Then, select a cell that contains foreign language data.
  • After that,  go to the Review tab in the top ribbon and click on the Translate option.
  • As a result, you will see a new window will appear on the right side.
  • Here, select the language to which you want to translate by clicking on the dropdown icon beside the language name.
  • Here, I have selected English as it is.

Translating Excel File to English using Microsoft translator

  • As a result, you will see that the translated version of the data from the selected cell will be displayed in English.
  • Now, copy the translated value in English using the Ctrl+C shortcut and paste the value in the cell using the Ctrl+V shortcut.

copy and paste to substitute by translated cell value

  • Similarly, do the same thing for all other cells. And thus you will translate any language data into English.

💬 Note:

Similarly, you can easily translate Japanese, German, Gujarati, Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Korean, or any other language data to English.

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2. Translate Using Google Translate

There is another way to translate an Excel file into English. You can use Google Translate. For this, follow the steps below:

📌 Steps:

  • First, go to the link given below:

  • Then, go to the Documents option on the web page.
  • Here, click on Browse your computer and select the Excel file that you want to translate.

Translating Excel File to English using Google translator

  • After uploading the Excel file to the webpage, you will see the name of the Excel file.
  • Then, click on the Translate button.

  • After that, simply click on the Download translation button to download the translated Excel file.

downloading translated Excel file

  • After downloading you will see that all cell values that were in foreign languages are converted into English.

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Things to Remember

  • Using the built-in translator in  Microsoft Excel requires an internet connection.
  • Also, while using the built-in translator, you have to copy and paste manually for each cell.
  • To translate large datasets, you should use Google Translate.
  • There can be some error translations, you should recheck it always.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:


In this article, you have found how to translate Excel files to English. I hope you found this article helpful. Please leave comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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