Sample Excel File with Employee Data for Practice

In this example, you will get a sample Excel file with employee data for practice. The problems are beginner friendly, with a little bit of knowledge about Excel will allow anyone to solve the problems within a few minutes. You will need to know the following features and functions of Excel to solve the problems: how to join two cell values, the Data Validation list, the VLOOKUP, and the IF functions. These features and functions are available from Excel 2007. So, all of you should be able to solve the problems without any compatibility issues.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link.

Problem Overview

We have an Excel dataset with six columns consisting of “Name”, “Joining Date”, “Email Address”, “Department”, “Monthly Salary”, and “Job Status”. The first columns are filled in by us. You will fill in the rest of the values in the dataset as per the previously mentioned methods. Moreover, we have set today’s date in cell B28 to calculate date related values. This is a better approach than using the TODAY function, as this will save memory.

Problem Sheet for Sample Excel File with Employee Data for Practice

Now, your task is to fill the data into the four columns –

  • Email Address – Fill the email addresses that have the same domain as “”. The format will be “[email protected]”. To solve this you need to know how to join two strings in Excel.
    • Solution: We have used the ampersand operator to join the values from the Name column with the email domain. You can use other methods, such as the CONCATENATE, TEXTJOIN functions, or even VBA to do so.

  • Department – You will need to create a Data Validation in this column. This Excel feature helps us to restrict data entry. The source for data validation is on the “Reference Table” Sheet (Range B5:B11).
  • Salary –  There is a lookup table in the “Reference Table” Sheet. Your task will be to match the department name and return the monthly salary in that. You can use any lookup function to do so.
    • Solution: We have used the VLOOKUP function to solve this problem. However, you can also use any other lookup function to do so, such as the INDEX, MATCH, XLOOKUP functions.

The lookup table looks like this.

Lookup Table in Another Sheet

  • Job Status – If an employee joined more than 180 days ago, then he or she will be a permanent employee of the company. You need to use conditionals to solve this.

The completed Excel file will look similar to this.

Snapshot of Solved Problem


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