How to Make an X Y Graph in Excel (With Easy Steps)

We will set up a dataset in columns B and C and then using the X-Y graph we will display, modify, and format our X and Y plots.

Step 1 – Collect Data

Suppose we have the Apple Sale vs Month data of a small seller as shown below and we want to plot this information in an X Y Graph with smooth lines chart.

Steps for Making an X Y Graph in Excel

Step 2 – Select Data

  • Select both columns, including the column titles. In our case, the range is from B4 to C10.

Step 2: Select Data

Step 3 – Input in Correlation

  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • In the Chart group, click on the Insert Scatter Chart icon.
  • Choose any Scatter chart from the drop-down.

Step 3: Input in Correlation

Final Output

  • Excel will insert an X Y Graph in the worksheet as shown below.

Final Output

Here, the column on the left which is the Number of Months in our example would be plotted on the X-Axis and the Apple Sale would be plotted on the Y-Axis.

Note: It’s best to have the independent metric in the left column and the one for which you need to find the correlation in the column on the right.

How to Customize an X Y Graph in Excel

Method 1 – Add Chart Title

Double-click on the chart title to give it a new title (e.g., Apple Sales vs. Number of Months).

How to Customize an X Y Graph in Excel

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Method 2 – Horizontal & Vertical Axis Format

For example, in this graph, 30 is the first value along the Y-axis, but the chart starts from zero. We can change some of the formatting:

  • Click on the chart area and go to the Format tab.
  • Click on the Y-axis.
  • From the Format Axis window, click on the Axis Options button and then click on the Axis Options drop-down menu.

Horizontal & Vertical Axis Format

  • In the Bounds section, input 20 in the Minimum box and 90 in the Maximum box (as the maximum value in the range is 86).
  • Press Enter.

Horizontal & Vertical Axis Format

  • The graph looks much better now than before.

Horizontal & Vertical Axis Format

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Method 3 – Add Data Labels

  • Select the graph.
  • Click on the plus icon on the right.
  • Check the Data Labels option.
  • This will add the data labels showing the Y-axis value for each data point in the scatter graph.

Data Labels

We can also add data labels on our X-Y graph in the following way:

  • Click on the scatter plot and then click on the Chart Elements button.
  • Click on the Data Labels drop-down and go to More Options.

Here, we can add more formatting with the options in the following window.

Data Labels

Note: Data labels are good only for scatter plots that have fewer data points. For graphs with many data points, they will make the points congested and less presentable.

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Method 4 – Input a Trendline and Equation

For the trendline:

  • Click on the chart area and then on the Chart Elements (Plus) button.
  • Check the Trendline box.
  • From the Trendline drop-down, select More Options to add formatting to the Trendline.

Trendline and Equation

Further, to add a Correlation Equation to the graph:

  • Go to the Format Trendline window as described above and mark the Display Equation on the chart box from the Trendline Options section.

Trendline and Equation

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Method 5 – Change Chart Style

  • Click anywhere in the chart area.
  • Go to the Chart Design tab.
  • Go to the Chart Styles group.
  • Select a chart style from the available formats.

Chart Style

  • The X-Y graph can change to look like the below image.

Chart Style

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Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook from here

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