How to Create Excel Sheet from Google Form (2 Easy Ways)

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Google Forms is a popular tool for creating online surveys and quizzes, which can be used for everything from market research to customer feedback.  This article will pave the way for how to create an Excel sheet from Google Forms.

In today’s digital age, data management and organization have become critical tasks for individuals and businesses alike. With the increasing use of online forms, collecting information has never been easier.

Whether you are a small business owner, a marketer, or simply someone who wants to streamline their data management process, this guide will provide you with the skills you need to succeed.

How to create Excel sheet from Google form

How to Create Google Form

Creating a Google Form is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Google Form:

  • Log in to your Google account and navigate to Google Forms by typing “” in your web browser’s address bar.
  • Click the plus icon in the bottom right corner to create a new form.
  • Choose a template from the provided options or start with a blank form.

Google form templates

  • Give your form a title and a brief description.

Google form template Contact information

  • Start typing your questions one by one in each segment.
  • Along with it, select the type of answer based on your question.
  • As our first question requires a name, we chose Short Answer.
  • Turn on or off the Required button whether you want the answer mandatory or not.
  • Add questions to your form by clicking the “Add question” button. You can choose from various question types, including multiple-choice, short answer, paragraph, and more.

Type answer in Google form

  • Configure the settings of your form, including options like allowing multiple responses and setting a limit on responses.

Google form settings

  • On the upper panel, click on Send.

Send Google form

  • Following, you will see the options in the Send via section for sending the Google Form.
  • Select the Link option and press Copy to get the URL Link.
  • Preview your form to ensure everything is as you want it.
  • Share your form with others by sending them a link or embedding it in a website.

Create Google form link

  • Review responses to your form in the Responses tab.

Responses in Google form

That’s it, we have our required Google Form along with the sharing process.

After sharing the Google form, the responses submitted in the Responses tab with all the answers to the provided questions. You can export this data to Google Sheets and Excel sheets. Let’s see how to create an Excel sheet from Google Forms in 2 easy and effective ways.

1. Defining Destination to Create an Excel Sheet from Google Form

You have to create an Excel sheet from Google form in 2 steps. First, you need to export responses to Google Sheets and then convert the Google sheet to an Excel sheet.

Step 1: Convert Google Form to Google Sheet

  • Go to the Responses tab of the newly created Google form.
  • From the option at the top-right corner of the tab, click Select destination for responses.

Select destination for google form responses

  • From the newly appeared icon, select Create a new spreadsheet > click Create.

Create new spreadsheet to export Google form responses

  • As a result, a link with the sheet will be created.
  • Click the View in Sheets icon.

View responses in Google sheets

  • Now, Google Forms will export the information of responses to Google Sheets.

Responses in Google sheets

So you have created a Google sheet from Google form.

Step 2: Make an Excel Sheet from Google Sheet

Now you have to convert the Google sheet to an Excel sheet.

  • Click the File tab > select Download from the dropdown > click Microsoft Excel.

Download google Sheets as Excel sheet

Thus an Excel file will be downloaded with the data from the Google sheet.

How to create Excel sheet from Google form

These are the steps on how to create an Excel sheet from Google form.

2. Exporting Data to Excel by Linking Google Form Responses to Sheet Directly

To convert Google Forms to Google Sheets, you can proceed in another way. In the previous method, you created a link with the sheet first and then reviewed responses in Google Sheets.

You can also export data to Excel using the Link to Sheets option.

Link responses to Google sheets directly

This will directly open Google Sheets with responses.

Responses exported to Google sheets directly.

Now, just follow step 2 of the previous method to convert to an Excel sheet.

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Google Form Responses to Different Sheets

When you need to save Google form responses in different sheets, you can use the Query function of Google Sheets. You have to categorize responses in different sheets based on a condition.

Let’s say, we have exported Google form responses to Google Sheets where several responses are from the address “Dhanmondi”. We want to send the responses from “Dhanmondi” to a different sheet.

Google form responses on category

Apply the following formula with the Query function.

=Query(Sheet1!A:E,"select * where E = 'Dhanmondi'")

This formula will search for the word “Dhanmondi” in column E from Sheet 1 and send the information of responses of the address “Dhanmondi” in the current sheet.

Google form responses to different sheets

How to Unlink a Google Form from a Google Sheet

The main reason for successfully exporting the Google Form to an Excel sheet is that the form was linked with the Google Sheet. If you need to remove this connection, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Option in the Responses tab of your Google Form.

Options in the Google form

  • From the dropdown, select the Unlink form option.

Unlink Google form from Google Sheets

  • From the confirmation box, click Unlink and you’re done.

Google form Unlinked

How to Delete Responses in Google Form

We use the responses to create an Excel sheet from Google Forms. With every submission in the Google form, the number of responses will be visible in the Responses tab. However, you can delete responses that appear in the Google form.

Case 1: Delete Individual Responses

If you want to delete an individual response, go to the Responses tab > select the serial of response that you want to remove > click the Delete icon.

Delete individual reponses in Google form

Case 2: Delete All Responses

If you want to delete all of the responses, go to the options icon beside “View in sheets” > click Delete all responses.

Delete all responses in Google form

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I import an Excel sheet into Google Forms?

No, you cannot import an Excel sheet into Google Forms.

2. Can I edit the responses in the Excel sheet after exporting them from Google Forms? 

Yes, you can edit the responses in the Excel sheet after exporting them from Google Forms. However, if you make changes to the responses, you should keep track of the original response in case you need to refer back to it later.

3. Can I export the responses from multiple Google Forms into a single Excel sheet? 

Yes, you can export the responses from multiple Google Forms into a single Excel sheet. You can do this by exporting each form’s responses to a separate sheet in the same Excel file and then using PivotTables to combine the data.

Takeaways from this Article

  • Google Forms is a tool provided by Google that allows users to create online forms and surveys.
  • Google Forms data can be exported to various formats, including Excel (.xlsx).
  • To export Google Forms data to Excel, you need to utilize the Responses tab in your Google Form.
  • You can change responses after submitting by enabling response editing.
  • Google Sheets, where your form responses are stored, also provides various tools for analyzing and visualizing your data, such as charts and pivot tables.
  • If you plan to regularly export your Google Forms data to Excel, it’s a good idea to create a system for organizing your data and keeping track of your exports.


In conclusion, Google Forms is a versatile tool that allows you to easily create online forms and surveys and now you know how to create an Excel sheet from Google Forms. By exporting data from Google form to Excel, you can analyze, visualize, and manipulate your data and also edit responses. Hope the article has shed some light on your way. If you have any queries Don’t forget to leave them in the comment box.

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