Horizontal Scroll Not Working in Excel (6 Possible Solutions)

Solution 1 – Change the Page View

  • Go to the View tab and switch between Normal and Page Break View.
  • Switch back to Normal.

  • Remember that you can’t scroll horizontally through frozen columns. Check if the worksheet has any frozen columns and unfreeze them.
  • If this doesn’t fix problem, try removing filters from the worksheet.
  • Reopen the Excel document if none of the solutions works.

Solution 2 – Turn Off Scroll Lock

The horizontal scroll may not work if you have scroll lock enabled on your PC. Scroll Lock is visible in the Status Bar (in the bottom-left corner).

  • If you don’t see it, right-click on the Status bar and check if the Scroll Lock status is On or Off.

Horizontal Scroll Not Working in Excel

  • Disable the Scroll Lock on your keyboard or use the On-Screen Keyboard.

Solution 3 – Click on Mouse Wheel Button

Click your mouse wheel to see a four-sided arrow as shown below.

  • Slide your mouse to the right or to the left for horizontal scrolling. The more you move the mouse, the quicker you will be able to scroll.
  • Click on the mouse again to disable auto-scrolling.

Solution 4 – Right-Click on Horizontal Scroll Bar

Right-click on the Horizontal Scrollbar and select Scroll Right or Scroll Left.

Horizontal Scroll Not Working in Excel

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Solution 5 – Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT and scroll your mouse wheel for horizontal scrolling.
  • You can also use ALT+Page Up and ALT+Page Down to scroll horizontally.

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Solution 6 – Install MS Mouse and Keyboard Center

If you have a Microsoft-supported mouse, installing the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center may fix the problem.

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  1. Yes finally! The last keyboard shortcut you mentioned in number 5 worked for me! ALT+Page Up and ALT+Page Down!
    A few computers still have Office 2013 installed and I had searched tons of pages and tried everything to scroll horizontally in Excel 2013. Nothing worked until I found your page, thank you!!

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