How to Maintain Excel Header Alignment (with Easy Steps)

The article will show you how to maintain Header Alignment in Excel. When you print a copy, it’s necessary to have a header on the page. We can add some necessary information in the header like the date and time of printing the copy or the document’s page number. Please stay tuned to this article to see how to apply header and also maintain the Header Alignment in an Excel sheet.

How to Maintain Excel Header Alignment: 3 Steps

The dataset contains information about some people. We will discuss the process of putting a header and maintaining its alignment in the following sections of this article.

excel header alignment

Step-1: Opening the Page Setup Window

You need to set up your Page Layout first.

  • Go to the Page Layout tab and then click on the marked icon in the following image.
  • Next, the Page Setup window will appear.
  • Make sure you check Scale with document and Align with page margins.
  • After that, click on the Custom Header…

excel header alignment step 1

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Step-2: Inserting and Customizing Header Content

Let me show you how to insert header elements for the printing copy.

  • After clicking Custom Header, another window named Header will show up on your screen. You will see a variety of features in that window. These features are highlighted in the following image.

excel header alignment step 2

  • Here, I’m going to select Date and Time for the Left section.
  • In the Center section, I’ve given the print copy a name. The name is ‘Member Information’.
  • And I put the Page Number in the Right section.
  • After that, click OK.

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Step-3: Aligning Header Content

In this section, you will see how to change the initial position of the header elements.

  • Following the command from the previous step, will take you back to the Page Setup
  • After that, select Margins from that window. You will see some parameters to change the Header Alignment.
  • Next, customize the value we marked in the following picture of your choice.
  • Later, click on Print Preview.

excel header alignment step 5

  • Finally, your printing copy will have a Header Alignment following your command.

Thus you can maintain Header Alignment in Excel.

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Practice Section

Here, I’m giving you the dataset of this article so that you can practice these methods on your own.


Download Practice Workbook


In the end, we can conclude that you will learn how to maintain Header Alignment in Excel after reading this article. If you have any better suggestions or questions or feedback regarding this article, please share them in the comment box. This will help me enrich my upcoming articles.

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