How to Remove Panes in Excel (4 Methods)

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Panes allow you to freeze one portion of your Excel datasheet and scroll the other portion separately. Though it is a useful feature, you may need to remove panes in different situations. The earlier article might help you to add panes, following the continuity, in this article, I’ll show you how to remove panes in Excel in 4 different ways.

Suppose, you have the following dataset with panes. Now, go through the rest of the article to know the ways of removing panes in Excel.


4 Ways to Remove Panes in Excel

1.  Remove Panes With Double Click

The easiest way to remove panes is to double click on the panes.

➤ Keep your cursor on one of the panes and double click on it.

remove panes in Excel

As a result, this pane will be removed.

remove panes in Excel

In a similar way click on the other pane to remove it.

remove horizontal panes

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2. Remove Panes Using Split from View Tab

You can also remove panes from the view tab.

➤ Go to the View tab and select the Split icon from the Window tab.

view tab

As a result, the panes will be removed from your Excel datasheet.

remove panes in Excel

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3. Keyboard Shortcut Key to Remove Panes

In this section, I’m going to share with you a way that you may find easy to use if you like the keyboard rather than the mouse. Let’s how to use a keyboard shortcut key to remove panes.

➤ To remove panes, press,


remove panes in Excel

It will remove all the panes from your Excel worksheet.

remove panes in Excel

4. Unfreeze Panes

If you activate the panes from the Freeze Panes option, you can remove them with the Unfreeze Panes option.

➤ Go to View > Freeze Panes and select Unfreeze Panes.

unfreeze panes

It will remove all the panes from your Excel worksheet.

remove panes in Excel

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Practice Section

I have added a dedicated worksheet named “Practice” in the Excel file. You can download the workbook from the Download Practice Workbook section and practice removing panes from the “Practice” worksheet.

practice section

Download Practice Workbook


I hope now you know how to remove panes in Excel. If you have any confusion feel free to leave a comment.

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