How to Print Barcode Labels in Excel (with 4 Easy Steps)

Suppose you have a list of Barcodes for various types of products in an Excel worksheet and you need to print the Barcode Labels. In this article, I’ll show you how to print Barcode Labels in an Excel workbook.

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4 Easy Steps to Print Barcode Labels in Excel

In this section, you’ll find a method for printing Barcode Labels in an Excel Spreadsheet. Let’s check them now!

Step 1: Gather and Prepare Data in Excel

First of all, you need to gather the required data and arrange them in an Excel sheet in a preferable manner.

Let’s say, we have a dataset of various products and their price. So, we’ve stored the data in the following way.

Print Barcode Labels in Excel

  • Now, add a column with the heading “Barcode” and fill the cells with the values of the column ID by adding an asterisk(*) at the beginning and the end of the value.

Print Barcode Labels in Excel Sheet

Step 2: Barcode Template Preparing in Word

Now, we need to prepare a template in Word to adjust the barcode labels.

  • Open a new Word document, Go to the Mailings tab, and click Start Mail Merge> Labels.

Printing Barcode Labels in excel

  • A dialogue box will show up and select New label from it.

Print Barcode Labels in an Excel Workbook

  • Customize the dimension of the dialogue box named Label details and press OK.

Printing Barcode Labels in an Excel Worksheet

  • Now, select the label you have just created and click OK.

Print Barcode Labels in Excel Workbook

Step 3: Bringing Data from Excel

Now, we need to bring the list from the Excel workbook. You can create a new list if necessary!

  • Go to Select Recipients and choose Use an Existing List.

Print Barcode Labels in Excel

  • Select your Excel workbook and click Open.

  • Choose the worksheet which contains your data.

  • Go to the Insert Merge Field and select ID (by which you want to merge).

  • Select the other headings one by one.

Step 4: Generating and Printing Barcode Labels

It’s time to generate and print the Barcode labels, to do so,

  • firstly, Select <<Barcode>> and change the text format to BARCODE. You will need Code128 font for this. Install the font with the help of Microsoft Support.

  • Barcode format will show up for the text. Now click Update Labels.

  • Your data will show up being updated.

  • Click Preview Results and you will see Barcodes for different items.

  • Go to Finish & Merge>Edit Individual Document.

  • Select All and click OK.

  • Your result will be ready.

  • Type CTRL+P, select your printer, and click Print. You’re done!

Thus we can create and print Barcode Labels in Excel.

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In this article, we have learned how to print Barcode Labels in Excel. I hope from now on you can easily print Barcode Labels in an Excel Workbook. If you have any queries regarding this article, please don’t forget to leave a comment below. Have a great day!

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