How to Use Code 39 Barcode Font for Excel (with Easy Steps)


Step 1 – Downloading a Suitable Code 39 Barcode Font

  • Close all of your office applications.
  • Download the code 39 barcode font using the download link.
  • Open the downloaded zip file.

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Step 2 – Installing the Code 39 Barcode Font

  • Open the file with the .ttf extension.

  • Click on Install to install the font.

code 39 barcode font

Step 3 – Applying the Code 39 Barcode Font in Excel

  • Open Excel and select the cell or range from which you want to create the barcode.
  • Type Libre Barcode 39 as the font type. Alternatively, you can scroll down and select that.

  • The barcode will be generated.
  • Change the font size and adjust the row and column heights. But, you won’t be able to read these barcodes using a barcode reader/scanner because the barcode reader won’t be able to detect the starting and ending points.

code 39 barcode font

Step 4 – Formatting Dataset for Scannable Barcode

  • Enter the following formula in cell C5 to fix this issue, then drag the fill handle icon to copy the formula to the cells below.
  • The asterisks (*) define the starting and ending points for the barcode reader to read the code.

Step 5 – Generating Machine-Readable Barcodes in Excel

  • Select the range C5:C10 instead and apply the Libre Barcode 39 font. After that, you can read the barcodes using a barcode scanner.

code 39 barcode font

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Things to Remember

  • Don’t forget to use asterisks (*) before and after the text/number from which you want to generate the barcode. Otherwise, you won’t be able to read the barcode using a reader.
  • You can download and install any other code 39 barcode font (ID Automation Code 39 Barcode Font) with premium features for a better experience. In that case, you need to apply that particular font type instead.
  • You can print the sheet to check if the barcodes work.

Download Practice Workbook

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